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Ends on: 31/12/2022 11:59 pm

New Genetics “Limited Edition” – April 2022

New Cannabis Seed Collection “Limited Edition April 2022” – Annibale Genetics


New collection of Regular Marijuana seeds by Annibale Genetics in the dear limited edition: 19 new strains between F1 and F2 that bring with them the best of both genetics used for the Cannabis hybrid.

Very few seeds have been developed for collectible use suitable for anyone who wants to try exceptional European and U.S.A. cannabis strains. offers showcased on the site at an extraordinary price: in addition to lowering the prices of our regular limited edition seeds, we are offering a 5% -20% discount on our new line of exclusive weed seeds!

Take advantage of it today, buy the best Italian regular Cannabis seeds at a particularly discounted price!

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