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OG Kush Feminized – Bulk Seedbank


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THC: 23-26% CBD: 0,24% CBN: N/A

Northern Californian x Hindu Kush

“OG Kush” Feminized Cannabis Seeds – Bulk Seed Bank

Ladies and gentlemen, here is a true legend in the history of cannabis today: the OG Kush Feminized by Bulk Seedbank, today at a very special price!

Having originally been a clone-only Cannabis Indica-Sativa hybrid, this incredibly productive Marijuana strain was spread throughout California in the late 1990s, known today around the world for its potent psychoactive action, with some phenotypes. which will go so far as to produce over 26% THC.

There is a good reason why the original OG Kush Feminized genetics, developed here by Bulk Seedbank geneticists, have become so popular throughout the United States. This lady has a very unique genetic background, composed of the famous Lemon Thai x Pakistani, and crossed in turn with the equally famous Chemdawg.

The results are not long in coming: her compact buds express intense and exotic fragrances composed of marked hints of diesel and fresh lemon.

What does the Annibale Seedshop team think

This version of OG Kush Feminized combines its different phenotypes into a very robust and particularly stable Indica-dominant Marijuana plant. She can offer a very short flowering period, especially when you think about her incredible production, with only 8 or 9 weeks to wait to get to her finish.

With OG Kush Feminized, medicinal cannabis users who have tried it have experienced improvements in headaches, ADD / ADHD, stress disorders and insomnia, securing this weed strain the crown of therapeutic queen!

The Hannibal Seedshop Team recommends this Cannabis plant for its legendary and intense lemon, black pepper and diesel flavor with moderate yields of quality flowers in Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse, and High Altitude crops! Without a doubt, one of the varieties that we at Annibale Seedshop most prefer!

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Northern Californian x Original Hindu Kush



The perfume, the aromas and the strong taste of the OG Kush Feminized by Bulk Seedbank are a dangerous explosive mix of pure diesel and lemon scents, black pepper with a perception of berries and citrus fruits. A complex terpene profile, which deserves to be enhanced!



The effect of this wonderful cannabis strain is very intense and overwhelming, striking with a truly euphoric stimulus, both on the mind and on the muscles of the body. It finds several medicinal applications in the fight against some physical ailments.



Indoors, the flowering time of OG Kush Feminized is just 8 weeks, with an incredible yield of buds that can easily weigh up to 800g / m². One of the most suitable strains for growing in Sea of ​​Green, but also performs extremely well in Screen Of Green.

It will probably need some support during the last few weeks of flowering!



If grown outdoors, such as in solid ground or in a greenhouse, this legendary Marijuana strain will be ready between the first and second half of October, with an immense production of quality buds that can reach 1800 g / plant.

OG Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds, developed here by Bulk Seedbank, give rise to tall, well-branched plants, giving them the classic bushy shape.

Bulk Seedbank OG Kush Feminized is a cannabis strain suitable for growing:

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Greenhouse
  • Guerrilla
  • High altitude
  • Sea Of Green
  • Screen Of Green
Weight N/A
Genetic Type

Hybrid, Pure Indica

Harvest Time

6-8 Weeks, 8-10 Weeks

Harvest Yield

400-500g/ m2, 500-600g / m2

Seed Sex

Feminized Seed


High THC (20%), Very High THC (25%)

Where to Grow

Greenhouse, Guerrilla, High Altitude, Indoor, Outdoor


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