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Cannabis Concia e stagionatura Blog Annibale Seedshop

Cannabis Curing: How to Cure Perfect Marijuana Buds

Cannabis Curing: How to cure your weed

Welcome everyone to this new article about Cannabis curing from Annibale Seedshop’s cannabis cultivation manual. In this chapter we will better use the Cannabis cure technique, already extensively mentioned in the last article about Cannabis dry and cure! If you have dried your weed correctly by following the directions given in our previous articles, you are ready to read this article!

What is cannabis cure?

The Cure of Cannabis, also called Tanning or Seasoning, is the phase following drying and is not mandatory. However, even if you’ve already gotten a decent harvest of Marijuana buds, this step is for the more unsatisfying smokers.

When cannabis is dry, we think the job is done. So let’s break some buds inside our grinder, and with the classic anxiety of someone who is about to savor months of hard work, we finally turn a joint. However, when we turn it on, and we realize that the taste is acrid and heavy, despite the buds having a phenomenal aroma and have been cultivated to perfection, we come up against the usefulness of the slow drying of Cannabis. This is because tanning is the only process capable of bringing out the true flavors and aromas peculiar to cultivated genetics.

This is not to say that a good dried and untreated cannabis cannot be very good, let’s say that the same weed that just dried is very good, once you have cured it it will be phenomenal!

The ripening of the flowers is a process that will therefore improve the final quality of the smoke. If you have cultivated a unique phenotype and want to taste it (but also keep it) properly, then arm yourself with vacuum jars and another with patience, the maturation phase of your precious gems can now begin!

Cannabis cure weed Blog Annibale Seedshop

Why mature cannabis through curing?

As anticipated, you can obtain excellent flowers without this phase. But if you choose to cure your cannabis, you can get a much higher smoke quality than before. Only in this way can you actually taste the organoleptic properties of your flowers, but that’s not all. If the terpenes and essential oils are able to express themselves better after maturation, the active ingredients also undergo a positive change. With the tanning it will be possible to increase the cannabinoid content present inside the flowers.

But why does all this happen? Let’s start by saying that each fruit or flower has its own ripening phase, and that this lasts even after harvest. think of apples or a mango, won’t they ripen too? Marijuana matures in the same way, but only if is close in a vacuum-sealed  and controlled environment.

Cannabis curing takes place because, by hermetically sealing the dried and uncured Cannabis, it will slowly begin to lose the chlorophyll contained in the innermost parts of the flowers. This will eliminate that acrid weed taste due to the excess water contained in the flower.

How to cure Cannabis?

To mature Cannabis, once properly dried, close it in airtight vacuum-sealed jars. Only in this way can a slow decomposition and transformation phase of the sugars begin, simultaneously with an optimal drying of the chlorophyll contained in the innermost parts of the flowers.

We will therefore need to make sure that the cannabis buds are sufficiently dry before putting them in the jar, in order to avoid the formation of dangerous molds. Cannabis buds will be ready when trying to bend their stem it breaks without much resistance.

The maturation phase can last from 4 to 12 weeks, depending on the phenotype that you grow and which drying way you have choose. In practice it will consist in opening your jars 3 times a day for the first week, allowing the buds to pass a maximum of two minutes in the open air. From the second week it will be possible to start decreasing the openings, passing from 3 to two, and for only 1 minute in the open air.

From the second week to the fourth we will open them only once a day, for thirty seconds. After the first month, we will open once every three days for a few tens of seconds until the aroma and their consistency are optimal.

Cannabis cure weed Blog Annibale Seedshop

When to start cannabis curing?

Cannabis tanning begins with the end of the drying phase, which can last on average from 7 to 21 days. It’s advisable to purchase airtight glass jars in order to correctly proceed with the ripening of the flowers. Buy jars not too big, but large enough to comfortably accommodate the weed, without having to squeeze and spoil it.

1 liter glass jars can hold around 24-30g of dried buds.

Make your calculations based on the amount of Marijuana you will need to put away. Better to buy more jars and make the buds comfortable, as the jars should not be more than 3/4 full. This is because need space between thebuds to allow greater oxygen recirculation, avoiding the formation of harmful molds.

Final results of a well cured Cannabis flowers

The end result of your cannabis after tanning will be nothing short of phenomenal! In fact, a well-ripened cannabis flower can give off unique aromas even when it’s pulled out of the jar. This feature will make you realize when it will be possible to smoke your crop while enjoying every single hit.

We can expect in the end will be a much more potent, aromatic and crunchy flower to the touch.

Any professional cannabis grower and smoker knows how to wait patiently for the right moment to unleash their precious weed!

Furthermore, in addition to maximizing the properties of your flowers, you can now keep them for a longer time (over six months) before they begin to lose their qualities. This makes tanning an interesting technique even for those who have had an abundant harvest, and did not know how to make their own last longer. With proper maturation, you can in fact keep your jars safely in stock waiting for their time to come!

8 Tips on how to cure your Marijuana

Cannabis curing is a real art form. Given the numerous possible variables (from how the plant was grown to which genetics it was chosen, which nourishment was administered and how it was dried), you cannot get your crop to ripen perfectly the first time you approach it. tanning.

You will not have to give up on this, so we want to leave you our advice on how to properly cure your Marijuana, follow them carefully!

  • Buy a small digital hygrometer that you can put inside your jars. It will show you precisely when the chlorophyll has evaporated correctly reaching the right humidity.
  • If you can, buy quality airtight jars that can guarantee you have sealed your cannabis properly.
  • Open the jars only when strictly necessary, even after passing the ripening process. Tanned cannabis is very sensitive to moisture, and may revert to a “rubbery” state if exposed to humid air.
  • Touch your cannabis with your hands as little as possible, or if you have to, wash them carefully. Getting bacteria into your jars could lead to the failure to decompose and transform the sugars.
  • Do not smoke every day the weed that youìre curing, but rather try it once a week..
  • Keep the Cannabis cans in a cool, dry place away from light and moisture.
  • At 62% humidity you can completely seal your crop and store it for the future.
  • If you have harvested a lot of cannabis, once properly cured you can freeze it to make it last longer.

That’s it, hoping it may have let you find out more about Cannabis curing. Read our next article on “Sea of Green Technique” and stay tuned!

See you soon, greetings from Annibale’s Team!