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Micorrize Trichoderma Cannabis Marijuana Weed Plant

Mycorrhizae and Trichoderma: Benefits in Weed Cultivation!

Mycorrhizae and Trichoderma: Benefits in Growing Cannabis!

Welcome everyone to this new article of our blog on the Benefits of Mycorrhizae and Trichoderma for Cannabis plants! After having seen the article on the characteristics and benefits of Neem oil for Cannabis, fasten your seatbelts for this new article signed by the staff of Annibale Seedshop!

Micorrize Trichoderma Coltivazione Cannabis Erba Marijuana

Introduction to Mycorrhizae and Trichoderma in a Weed Growing

Welcome to our complete guide on mycorrhizae and trichoderma for cannabis plants. In this article, we will explore in detail what mycorrhizal symbiosis and trichoderma are, their benefits for cannabis plants, and why you should consider applying them to cannabis plants.

Mycorrhizae and trichoderma are beneficial organisms that establish a symbiotic relationship with plant roots, offering a variety of benefits that promote the health and growth of cannabis plants. Let’s find out together everything you need to know about using mycorrhizae and trichoderma in your cannabis cultivation.

What are Mycorrhizae and what are the Benefits for Cannabis plants?

Mycorrhizae are a symbiosis between fungi and plant roots, where the fungi provide nutrients to plants in exchange for carbohydrates produced by the roots. Here are some of the main benefits of mycorrhizae for cannabis plants:

  • Increased Nutrient Absorption: Mycorrhizae extend the root system of plants, increasing the area of nutrient absorption and improving nutritional efficiency.
  • Improved resistance to stress: Mycorrhizae improve the ability of plants to withstand stressful conditions, such as drought, extreme temperatures and soil salinity.
  • Protection Against Pathogens: Mycorrhizal fungi compete with pathogens in the soil, reducing the occurrence of plant diseases.
  • Growth promotion: Mycorrhizae stimulate the growth of cannabis plants, improving vigor and increasing flower production.

What is Trichoderma and what are its benefits for Marijuana plants?

Trichoderma is a genus of beneficial soil-dwelling fungi. These mushrooms offer a number of benefits for cannabis plants:

  • Pathogen Control: Trichoderma produces enzymes that attack and destroy soil-borne pathogens, such as root pathogenic fungi and nematodes.
  • Stimulation of the immune system of plants: Trichoderma stimulates the immune system of plants, making them more resistant to disease.
  • Improvement of soil structure: Trichoderma produces substances that favor the formation of aggregates in the soil, improving its structure and its ability to retain water and nutrients.
  • Root growth promotion: Trichoderma promotes root growth of cannabis plants, increasing nutrient uptake and resistance to unfavorable environmental conditions.

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10 Reasons To Apply Mycorrhizae And Trichoderma To A Cannabis Crop:

Here are ten compelling reasons to apply mycorrhizae and trichoderma to cannabis plants:

  • Increased nutrient uptake: Mycorrhizae and trichoderma improve nutrient uptake by roots, ensuring optimal nutrition for cannabis plants.
  • Improved disease resistance: By competing with pathogens and stimulating the plant’s immune system, mycorrhizae and trichoderma increase the disease resistance of plants.
  • Greater resistance to environmental stress: Mycorrhizae and trichoderma make cannabis plants more resilient to unfavorable environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures, drought and soil salinity.
  • Improved crop quality: The use of mycorrhizae and trichoderma can improve the quality of cannabis crops by increasing the production of resins, terpenes and cannabinoids.
  • Reducing the use of chemical fertilizers: Mycorrhizae and trichoderma promote better nutrient uptake, reducing the need for chemical fertilizers and promoting more sustainable cultivation.
  • Lower environmental impact: Using mycorrhizae and trichoderma, it is possible to reduce the use of chemicals harmful to the environment, favoring an ecologically sustainable cultivation.
  • Improved soil structure: Mycorrhizae and trichoderma help improve soil structure, increasing its capacity to hold water and essential nutrients for cannabis plants.
  • Greater bioavailability of nutrients: Thanks to the symbiosis with fungi, cannabis plants obtain greater bioavailability of the nutrients present in the soil, optimizing their growth and development.
  • Reduction of the risk of root diseases: The application of mycorrhizae and trichoderma reduces the risk of root diseases, protecting the cannabis plants from fungal infections and nematode attacks.
  • Increased Yield and Production: Mycorrhizae and trichoderma stimulate root growth and promote greater nutrient efficiency, leading to higher yield and production in cannabis plants.

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Mycorrhizae and trichoderma offer a number of benefits for growing cannabis, improving plant health and growth, increasing disease resistance, and promoting higher crop yields.

The use of mycorrhizae and trichoderma can contribute to more sustainable cultivation by reducing the use of chemicals and improving overall soil health. Consider applying mycorrhizae and trichoderma to your cannabis crops and experience the positive results they can offer your plants.


And this post on Mycorrhizae and Trichoderma and their benefits in a Cannabis grow has come to an end, hoping to have been of help to you, see you in the next article!

Greetings from the Annibale Seedshop Team!



Davide V, CEO, Founder & Geneticist