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All Cannabis Seeds

All Cannabis Seeds

In this maxi-section of the site you will find over 1000 different types of Cannabis seeds that can be purchased on Annibale Seedshop, produced by over 50 of the most important cannabis seed banks in the world!

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All Cannabis Seeds

From regular and feminized cannabis seeds, to CBD seeds, Fast Seeds, Feminized Autoflowering Seeds and Regular Autoflowering seeds that produce plants capable of flowering without the change of lights at 12 hours (12 hours light / 12 hours dark), in this section you will be able to really find whatever cannabis genetics you are looking for, in any format!

Whether you are an experienced grower, a cannabis plant enthusiast, a professional in the sector or a commercial marijuana grower, if you want to buy cannabis seeds this is the page of the site that is right for you!

How many types of cannabis seeds are there?

Cannabis seeds can be divided into three main types:

  • Regular Seeds
  • Feminized Seeds
  • Regular Autoflowering Seeds
  • Autoflowering Feminized Seeds
  • CBD & CBG seeds
  • Fast Version Seeds
  • Cannabis Bulk Seeds

Depending on your level of experience in the cultivation of Marijuana, your goals and your economic possibilities, you can opt for a specific type of Marijuana seeds, which will allow you to obtain a specific plant with equally specific characteristics!


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How Much Do Cannabis Seeds Cost?

It depends on the genetics, the manufacturer, the year of production and other more or less significant details. However, it can be said that quality Marijuana seeds cost from around € 1.50 to over € 2000 per single seed, as in the case of Super Strains Regular Amnesia, the only and inimitable!

Where to buy weed seeds?

Cannabis seeds can be purchased both locally in any physical grow shop, and online in reliable sites such as ours, and many others. The difference between us and the other online stores is that the Annibale Seedshop Team makes sure that the customer can be satisfied with the service in every detail, leaving nothing to chance. If you want to get the best quality at the best price, it is here on Annibale Seedshop that you will find the best deals on Marihuana seeds!

Is germinating a Marijuana seed legal?

Regardless of the country you live in, germinating Weed seeds can be 100% legal! Our customers are requested to inform themselves about the laws in their country before ordering seeds from Hannibal Seedshop!

How to germinate Cannabis seeds?

There are various very simple and suitable ways for everyone to germinate a cannabis seed: from a glass of water to a damp handkerchief, to burying the seed in the ground or in a pot. If you want to know more, read our articles on The Cannabis Germination Phase, and How to germinate a Marijuana Seed!

How to store Marijuana seeds?

Cannabis seeds basically suffer from three things: Humidity, temperature and light. It will therefore be necessary to store the hemp seeds in the dark, in an area without humidity (or even better, vacuum-packed or in a vacuum-packed container in the freezer) and at a low temperature, around 2-6 ° C as we at Annibale Seedshop are used to. do!

Indica or Sativa Cannabis Seed quality?

Indica and Sativa are the two main families of the Hemp plant, with different certain growth characteristics, active ingredients, aromas and effects. To understand what might be the best solution for you and learn more about the topic, read our blog article on Indica VS Sativa!

Growing Indoor or Outdoor (or Guerrilla) Cannabis Seeds?

Grow indoors or grow outdoors? This is the problem ..!

Regardless of where you want to grow, whether indoors or outdoors, you will need to buy cannabis seeds that can grow in the chosen environment!

In fact, not all hemp seeds behave in the same way, since depending on the genetic characteristics they will be grown in a specific habitat, making the opposite effort useless. If you want to learn more, visit our Indoor VS Outdoor article!


Tecnica Defogliazione E Lollipop Cannabis - Lemon Zkittly f1 annibale genetics

Most Famous Hemp Seeds

15 Famous Cannabis Seeds banks

There are many hemp seeds sought after for their fantastic genetic qualities, and they come from the most disparate Marijuana seed banks in the world. In our catalog there are over 40 of the best Cannabis Seed Banks in the world offering the highest quality Marijuana seeds!

  • Kannabia
  • Barney’s Farm
  • Annibale Genetics
  • Nirvana Seeds
  • Royal Queen Seeds
  • DNA Genetics
  • Sensi Seeds
  • Dutch Passion
  • Amsterdam Genetics
  • Bulk Seedbank
  • Grand Daddy Purple
  • Bodhi Seeds
  • Humboldt Seed Co.
  • Green House Seeds
  • Mosca Seeds and many others!

What are Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Feminized seeds are Marijuana seeds that give birth to exclusively female Hemp plants! This translates into a saving of seeds, land and cultivation space, as well as the safety of pollination that would cause you to produce too many seeds, ruining the quality of your Marijuana! They are the most suitable seeds for commercial growers and those who want to smoke their crops!

What are Regular Marijuana seeds?

Regular marijuana seeds are the seeds of the best and most natural quality, as they do not have genetic forcing within their DNA, as in the case of feminized seeds. They are the least purchased seeds in Europe and, more generally, by anyone who wants to smoke their crop without going further, as they allow you to find male plants, capable of pollinating females and producing seeds!

What are autoflowering feminized Cannabis seeds?

Autoflowering feminized seeds deriving from the Ruderalis gene, which allows Marijuana plants to bloom, without changing hours of light and dark, in any condition after a certain time from germination. They are the seeds globally recommended for beginners in cultivation, however the risk of making mistakes with these seeds is higher, and there is no possibility to remedy the mistakes made on autoflowering plants!

What are autoflowering regular Cannabis seeds?

Autoflowering regular Marijuana seeds are the same type of above, but plants could begin also male! High recommended seeds for all geneticists and customers that want cross their automatic weed genetics!

What Are CBD & CBG Marihuana Seeds?

Cannabis seeds CBD & CBG are seeds that, in fact, have high concentrations of active ingredients CBD (Cannabidiol) and CBG (Cannabigerol). Recent studies have discovered how both principles can interact with THC, shaping its effect! In recent years they have gained more and more interest from cannabis growers!

What are Fast Version Cannabis seed?

Fast Marijuana seeds are feminized seeds with recessive autoflowering genes which, while not affecting the onset of foroperiodic flowering, however, do not prevent the Cannabis plant from finishing its flowering in a very short time!

What are Cannabis Bulk Seeds?

Bulk Cannabis Seeds are a favorite seeds of commercial growers who want to buy plenty of Marijuana seeds for a glorious harvest! Despite being very cheap, they do not lose their genetic quality, being able to develop vigorous and strong Hemp plants like those produced by major world brands!

The Annibale Seedshop Team remains at your complete disposal to help you choose the Cannabis seeds that are closest to your needs, do not hesitate to contact our Staff!