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Growing Accessories

Growing Accessories

If you are looking for Indoor and Outdoor growing accessories in the products from Growshop, this is the right place!

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Growing Accessories

In fact, within the “Growing Accessories” category you will find any type of additional product useful for growing Indoor and Outdoor Cannabis: from the fan with clamp to the lamp holder pulleys; from cultivation thermometer and thermohygrometer to trimming scissors and 45x microscope to observe the maturation of trichomes!

If you are growing cannabis indoors, or are planning to grow soon, don’t forget to buy the grow accessories you need most here!

Clip Fan

The Clip fan for indoor cannabis cultivation is a classic product of the growing accessories category. In fact, without an internal fan to move the stale air, it will be difficult to obtain a substantial marijuana harvest!

Trimming scissors

Marijuana Trimming Shears is a very useful product of the growing accessories category. If you want to clean your Marijuana buds without damaging the trichomes, these scissors are for you!

Indoor growing digital thermometer

The Digital Thermometer sold here is an essential indoor growing accessory to keep the temperature inside the grow room under control!

Digital thermohigrometer for indoor cultivation

The digital thermohigrometer is the best option for indoor cannabis growers, as it allows you to keep the internal temperature and relative humidity under control at the same time!

Portable 45x Microscope for Cannabis Maturation

The 45x portable microscope sold here is essential to be able to cut cannabis plants at the most suitable time, thanks to the possibility of observing the state of maturation of the trichomes. One of the most useful cannabis growing tools!

Lamp holder pulleys

The lamp holder pulleys are an essential product to be able to hang your lamps correctly and comfortably on the growbox!

CMH lamp adapter

The CMH lamp adapter is an essential tool for connecting your CMH lamps to your e-40 socket!