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The Italian Collection

The Italian Collection

On this page of the site you will find all our exclusive and fantastic varieties of Cannabis seeds signed “The Italian Collection” produced by our seedbank Annibale Genetics, available for purchase on Annibale Seedshop at the best price on the entire web!

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The Italian Collection

Producing Feminized cannabis seeds and feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds, in this section you can buy extraordinary seeds of the best Italian marijuana genetics that can be found on the entire global hemp seed market!

Whether you are a novice grower, a cannabis plant enthusiast, a professional in the sector or a large commercial marijuana grower, if you want to buy Cannabis seeds “The Italian Collection” by Annibale Genetics, this is the place where the brand was born, and where it is offered at the best price on the internet!

What is “The Italian Collection” by Annibale Genetics?

Annibale Genetics is the seedbank of Annibale Seedshop, born from the same founder of the Annibale brand: a professional chef of molecular cuisine and grower of high quality Marijuana!

Italian Collection was born from a collaboration between the founder of Annibale Genetics and a group of autonomous and independent Italian geneticists. The genetics resulting from this professional collaboration are developed in Matarò, Spain.

Each Italian Collection Cannabis seed will always be available to Annibale Seedshop customers in this section of the site!

Cannabis Seeds “The Italian Collection”

The Italian Collction Cannabis seeds are born from a genetic hybridization project together with some Italian geneticists, they develop as a result a set of some fantastic Italian Marijuana varieties, always available for sale!

Unlike the seeds produced by Annibale Genetics, developed in Utrecht, near Amsterdam (Holland), the seeds of Italian Collection are made in Matarò, Spain!

Fantastic cannabis seeds like Purple Berry O.G. or Forbidden Banana are for sale in this category!

Take advantage now of the discount on our Marijuana seeds of the fantastic “The Italian Collection”: buy your favorite package now!

What are “The Italian Collection” Cannabis Seeds

The Cannabis seeds “The Italian Collection” by Annibale Genetics are Marijuana seeds produced in Matarò in Spain by independent geneticists, and will always be available even in large quantities. They are extremely rare Marijuana seeds to be found all over the world.

Get your Cannabis seeds “The Italian Collection” today before the others and take advantage of the reserved price!


Purple Berry O.G. The Italian Collection Cannabis Seeds

Purple Berry O.G. – The Italian Collection

3 Best Cannabis Seeds “The Italian Collection”