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Annibale Genetics

Annibale Genetics

On this page of the site you will find all our exclusive and fantastic varieties of Cannabis seeds produced by our new seedbank Annibale Genetics, available for purchase on Annibale Seedshop at the best price on the entire web!

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Annibale Genetics

By producing regular, regular autoflowering, feminized and feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds, in this section you can buy extraordinary seeds of the best Italian marijuana genetics that can be found on the entire global hemp seed market!

Whether you are a novice grower, a cannabis plant enthusiast, a professional in the field, a prestigious geneticist or a large commercial marijuana grower, if you want to buy Cannabis seeds from Annibale Genetics, this is the place where the brand itself was born, and where it is offered at the best price on the web!

What is Annibale Genetics?

Annibale Genetics is the seedbank of Annibale Seedshop, born from the same founder of the Annibale brand: a professional chef of molecular cuisine who wanted to mix the knowledge of food tastes within a Marijuana genetic hybridization project aimed at making the best Cannabis genetics in Italy and around the world at an affordable price for everyone!

After nearly ten years of experience in cooking and growing Marijuana, the first Cannabis Seed Bank in Italy was born!

Cannabis seeds by Annibale Genetics

Cannabis seeds from Annibale Genetics are unique and exclusive, being reproduced several times a year in small “Limited Edition” quantities. Today they are still little known, although they are already cultivated in many parts of the world, including all of Europe, the United States of America and countries of the former Soviet Union. In addition, they are available for purchase in Australia, U.S.A. and in Europe through other resellers.

Cannabis seeds from Annibale Genetics are the real backbone of cannabis cultivation in Italy, even if they are rapidly gaining ground in Europe and the rest of the world (especially in Australia). All the fantastic varieties of Italian Marijuana have been produced precisely from exclusive strains of Annibale Genetic (not to be confused with Annibale Seedshop, our shop), and subsequently purchased and collected by growers of all various nationalities in the world!

Cannabis Seeds “The Italian Collection”

The Italian Collction Cannabis seeds are born from a genetic hybridization project together with some Italian geneticists, they develop as a result a set of some fantastic Italian Marijuana varieties, always available for sale!

Unlike the seeds produced by Annibale Genetics, developed in Utrecht, near Amsterdam (Holland), the seeds of Italian Collection are made in Matarò, Spain!

Cannabis Seeds “Landrace Collection”

Cannabis seeds from the Landrace Collection by Annibale Genetics are what comes closest to the purity that only time can give! In fact, in this small collection of unique pearls, you will find a small selection of 100% native varieties with resistant, productive and stable genetic characteristics!

Limited Edition Cannabis Seeds

The Firstclass F1, the Boyscout Cookies F1, the Lemon Chemical F1 (Aka Lemon Bride) or the Lavender Muffin F1 by Annibale Genetics, produced in 2021, can be perfect examples having become among the most loved cannabis genetics by the Annibale Seedshop team!

Today’s crosses that have made our cannabis consumers and growers lose their minds, such as the famous Lemon Zkittly F1 variety, or the fantastic Buddha’s Temple and the colorful Old Poison F1 have been produced by Annibale Genetics, striking the soul of every enthusiast. of the highest quality Marijuana cultivation!

Our Cannabis seed bank, producer of the best Italian Cannabis seeds, is one of the most reliable in terms of phenotype stability, even though they are Marijuana hybrids that do not have many years of genetic stabilization behind them. This is due to the scrupulous selection of rare and unique Cannabis Landrace crosses, and the tenacity and cultivation experience of the founder CEO and geneticist, together with the consistency he employs with his team in every process, day after day: from selection to meticulous. preservation of individual species over the years, with the Annibale Genetics seed bank you will find numerous varieties of Cannabis always available, and as many others in Limited Edition!

Genetic Selection by Annibale Genetics

Many of our new “Annibale Genetics 2021” hybrids have been produced using a meticulous selection of intoxicating smelling females from all corners of the world from a selection of over 60 Seed banks, but we didn’t want to settle here. Vigorous in their vegetative growth and producing impressive buds, the plants developed from the seeds of Annibale Genetic have already left an indelible mark!

Take advantage now of the discount on our Marijuana seeds “Annibale Genetics”, and buy your favorite pack now!

What are Annibale Genetics Cannabis Seeds

The Cannabis seeds of Annibale Genetics are Marijuana seeds produced in Italy by our company, a pioneer in the field of genetic hybridization of Cannabis, and offered here at the disposal of the final customer at the best market price.


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