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Landrace Collection

Landrace Collection

On this page of the site you will find all our exclusive and fantastic varieties of indigenous Cannabis seeds from the “Landrace Collection”, produced by our new seedbank Annibale Genetics and available for purchase on Annibale Seedshop at the best price on the entire web!


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Landrace Collection

By producing regular cannabis seeds, in this section you can buy extraordinary landrace seeds of the best indigenous marijuana genetics that can be found on the entire global hemp seed market!

Whether you are a novice grower, a cannabis enthusiast, a professional in the field, a prestigious geneticist or a large commercial marijuana grower, if you want to buy cannabis seeds from Landrace Collection, this is the place where the brand itself was born. and where it is offered at the best price on the web!

What are Landrace, or indigenous, Cannabis seeds?

The Landrace (or native) Cannabis seeds contained in our exclusive Landrace collection are Marijuana seeds, which have been produced continuously for centuries, from plants from native areas: the rare places of wild nature that still resist humans in various parts of the world, abounding in Hemp plants with unique characteristics!

Cannabis plants can still be found in the wild in places like Afghanistan, Nepal, South India, Pakistan, Cambodia, Hawaii and various other parts of the world!

Cannabis Seeds “Landrace Collection”

Hemp seeds from the Landrace Collection by Annibale Genetics are what comes closest to the purity that only time can give! In fact, in this small collection of unique pearls, you will find a small selection of 100% native varieties with resistant, productive and stable genetic characteristics!

They are undoubtedly the most suitable Cannabis seeds for professional users, who are looking for particular genetic traits and have more previous experience of growing Marijuana!

All the fantastic varieties of native Marijuana seeds contained in the “Landrace Collection” edition will always be available for sale on the site!

Genetic Selection “Landrace Collection” by Annibale Genetics

Many of our new hybrids have been produced using a painstaking selection of intoxicating smelling females from all corners of the world from a selection of over 60 Seed banks, and from our “Landrace Collection” for vigorous vegetative growth and production of abundant peaks!

Take advantage now of the discount on our “Landrace Collection” Marijuana seeds, and buy your favorite pack now!

What are “Landrace Collection” Cannabis Seeds

The Landrace Collection Cannabis seeds by Annibale Seedshop are Marijuana seeds produced in Europe with autochthonous Cannabis seeds, i.e. seeds of centuries-old plants from all over the world. These Marijuana seeds of extreme genetic quality, with exceptional stability of phenotypes, are suitable for fans of old school weed!

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buddha temple f1 - Annibale Genetics

Buddha Temple – Annibale Genetics (Nepali Cross)

3 Best “Landrace Collection” Cannabis Seeds