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The Italian Collection

Everything comes from a close collaboration between reliable Italian cannabis geneticists and the founder of Annibale, with a clear and precise common goal: to be able to obtain genetically stable hybrids and with an excellent and sought-after medical-terpene range starting from semi-autochthonous varieties. The result was not long in coming: Eight fantastic Italian cannabis Hybrids with impressive qualities, offered to you at an excellent quality / price ratio.

These seeds have been produced in Matarò (Spain) from exclusive Italian seeds and clones, and will always be present in the shop with the aim of ensuring a perennial availability in case you are passionate about some particular genotype!

The Italian Collection is also present in orders over 1000 cannabis seeds.

Annibale "Limited Edition" 2021

We are proud to present our first collection of regular F1 "Limited Edition" cannabis seeds!

Our regular Cannabis seeds, hybridized with extreme attention to the genetic line and the qualities of the genes themselves, are a good starting point for those who want to start a private collection of their own Cannabis genetics (or for those who want to add something special to their garden).

Being F1, in these regular cannabis seeds you can find a wide variety of genotypes that are linked to the same genes of the parents.

To form this line we used a special Mexican Clone of Cannabis as the father of all genetics, with excellent organoleptic characteristics such as a strong and intense sweet and fruity, balsamic and acid taste in a perfect combination of exotic and earthy flavors, and a high resistance to adversity of crops (infestations, molds, unfavorable weather), thus managing to guarantee a strong, robust and medium-fast plant.

For each mother we have taken a special clone of some of the most renowned cannabis strains in the world today (like our special American Cookie clone that leaves in the mouth a strong taste of butter, hazelnut, vanilla and a vague slightly acidic sweetness).

We at Annibale hope you can enjoy and treasure these unique Cannabis Crosses (Limited Edition as they are experimental crosses that will no longer be reproduced except for particular needs of the company or the customer), at a negligible price considering the very low quantity produced.

All our regular Cannabis seeds are made in Amsterdam, Netherland!

April 2021

November 2021

A new and very fresh batch of Cannabis seeds made by the Annibale Seedshop team and produced in November 2021 are waiting for you!

We have worked on four highly selected male plants from the Emerald Triangle and Michigan (USA), and with their pollen we have obtained hybrids from 20 highly sought after and super selected female cannabis varieties, also coming in part from the United States of America. 'America, others with Dutch, Spanish, Afghan, Nepalese, Indian origins and other Landrace qualities should not be underestimated!

You will find available in "Limited Edition" format almost all the genetics produced: a small part has already gone SOLD OUT, but if you are interested in some specific genetics you can contact us to quickly inform you if there is still availability.

Don't miss out on these fantastic and very limited first choice Cannabis genetics, developed with love by the Annibale Seedshop Team in the "Limited Edition" version, now available with worldwide shipping!

Genetic Fathers:

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