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If you are looking for Indoor and Outdoor Growing Fertilizers in the products from Growshop, this is the right place!

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In fact, within the “Fertilizers” category you can find any type of fertilizer for Cannabis plants, produced by the best companies on the market in the Organic and Mineral types! If you are growing cannabis indoors or in pots, or are planning to grow soon, don’t forget to buy Marijuana Growing Fertilizers here!

Cannabis plant Fertilizers

The Fertilizer for the cultivation of Cannabis is essential if you want to grow plants in pots (or in hydroponic cultivation). This is because the amount of minerals useful for the needs of the Marijuana plant inside a pot (and even more so in a hydroponic tub) is limited, unlike cultivation in full soil (such as in a garden or in a cultivable field).

It will therefore be necessary to implement the quantity required by the needs of the specific plants you are growing in pots, whether it is Cannabis or a Rose plant!

Liquid (or powdered) nutrients for growing potted plants are mainly divided into two types: organic fertilizer and mineral fertilizer.

Organic Biological Fertilizers

The Organic or Biological fertilizer, 100% obtained from organic matter, is the most sustainable choice for the health of the cultivated land and the plant itself, as well as the organoleptic qualities that it can develop and fully express!

The quality of the organic (or biological) fertilizer is that it does not release toxic agents in the plant and on the soil, which have their own weight on the health of the consumer and on the health of the soil itself! Just think of the presence of undissolved mineral salts in the soil used for cultivation with mineral fertilizer, and the subsequent impossibility of being able to reuse it for cultivation.

With organic fertilizer this problem does not exist, since it acts by nourishing the growing substrate and not the plant itself, which will have to wait a few days before being able to assimilate the minerals obtained from the decomposition of the organic matter of the organic fertilizer.

Organic fertilizer is undoubtedly the best solution for novice Cannabis growers, avoiding the risk of over-fertilizing Cannabis plants (over-fertilization, or overfertilization), but it is the perfect solution for Marijuana growers who put quality at the top. first place!

Mineral fertilizers (synthetic)

Mineral or synthetic fertilizer is the preferred solution by commercial growers, professionals and those who work in Hydroponics. This type of fertilizer is not recommended for those who are approaching cannabis cultivation for the first time.

Having been “synthesized” in the laboratory, as the word “synthetic” fertilizer itself suggests, the quality of the mineral fertilizer is that it can act very quickly and directly with the plant, unlike Organic, which as we have previously seen it only creates nourishment in the soil, which the plant can quickly assimilate through its root system!

Acting very fast, mineral fertilizer is indicated for those emergency situations of deficiencies that, however, a good experienced cannabis grower should never come up with!

Better Mineral Fertilizer or Organic Fertilizer?

We of the Annibale Seedshop Team think that even if you cultivate with 100% organic fertilizers and have a lot of previous cultivation experience, you should nevertheless always have mineral fertilizers available that can act very quickly!