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Pesticides & Prevention

Pesticides & Prevention

If you are looking for organic “pesticide and prevention” fertilizers for Indoor and Outdoor cultivation in the products from Growshop, this is the right place!

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Pesticides & Prevention

Within the “Pesticides and Prevention” category you will in fact find any type of supplementary product for cannabis plants, 100% organic, capable of preventing infestations and particularly emergency situations within your Marijuana cultivation!

Whether you are growing cannabis outdoors or indoors in pots in hydroponics or aeroponics, if you want to defend the quantity of the harvest and its quality, you will have to consider buying a grow product suitable for preventing diseases and pests, or in the worst case scenario, eradicate them!


Pest infestations within cannabis crops are a daily occurrence, although they do not take the drama out of the possible repercussions they can have for your plants!

Knowing how to prevent an infestation (red spider mites, mites, whiteflies, etc.) is essential to keep plants healthy, guaranteeing them the right nutrition and environmental parameters. If not stopped in time, pest infestations in indoor crops can pass very quickly from one plant to another, ending up killing them or causing them to produce very few low-quality flowers. However, we have noticed that, under the right conditions, a mild pest infestation kept in check can gently stress cannabis plants to produce more trichomes as a self-defense system. However, we recommend that you act as soon as possible in case of pest infestations in indoor Marijuana crops!


Mold is one of the worst plagues for cannabis growers, forced to have all buds thrown away when harvested too late! Knowing how to prevent a mold infestation is essential, and although we have products that can prevent these situations, we can easily remedy the problem by always keeping the environmental parameters under control!

However, the advice is to have organic products that can avoid these frustrating situations!

General health of cannabis plants

Prevention is everything, and every professional cannabis grower should agree with this statement! Buy here products that can keep plants healthy and vigorous from the start of cultivation, such as the fantastic and indispensable Neem oil!