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Grow Lamps

Grow Lamps

If you are looking for the best Indoor and Outdoor Cannabis Grow Lights, i.e. lamps that can grow Marijuana plants safely from home, this is the right place for you!

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Grow Lamps

In fact, within this category you can easily find all types of indoor grow lamps, able to satisfy your every need!

Indoor cannabis lights

There are many grow lamps on the Growshop product market, from HID lamps such as Hps or Mh, to Led or CFL lamps, each with its own function.

Here at Annibale Seedshop you can buy the related indoor lighting kits for each lamp, according to your growing needs!

HID lamps (CMH / LEC, MH & HPS)

The HID high discharge lamps are the most suitable economical lamps for the vegetative and flowering phase of Cannabis, since in the face of a high energy and heat consumption, this type of lamp offers the best harvest results together with LED lamps!

CMH Lamps

CMH / LEC lamps are the latest arrivals in the field of high discharge lamps, and have much better performance than HID lamps, accounting for half of the consumption!

LED lamps

LED lamps are the latest invention in the field of indoor lighting, being able to offer top performance, very low consumption and low heat emission, at a still high cost.

CFL lamps

CFL lamps are very economical Indoor grow lamps, and developing little light output, they are the most suitable lamps for the germination / vegetative phase of Marijuana plants!

NEON TCL lamps

NEON TCL lamps are indoor grow lamps with low light output and energy consumption, indicated exclusively for the germination of Cannabis seeds, or for the rooting phase of clones taken from the mother plant!