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MH Lamp

MH Lamp

If you are looking for the best MH lamps for indoor cannabis cultivation, i.e. lamps that can grow Marijuana plants from seed to flower safely from home, this is the right place for you!

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MH Lamp

In fact, within this category you will easily find the main types of wattage of our indoor growing MH, able to satisfy your every need!

Indoor cannabis lights

There are many grow lamps on the market of Growshop products, from Hps and Led lamps to common CFLs and neon lamps: the most suitable for the vegetative phase of the Cannabis plant is only the MH lamp!

Here at Annibale Seedshop you can buy the main wattages of MH indoor grow lamps according to your growing needs!

HID lamps (CMH / LEC, MH & HPS)

The HID high discharge lamps are the most suitable economical lamps for the vegetative and flowering phase of Cannabis, since in the face of a high energy and heat consumption, this type of lamp offers the best harvest results together with LED lamps!

MH lamp

The MH Lamp is the most widely used high discharge indoor grow light in the world! Its reliability and its performance are now known to all, managing to guarantee the g / w depending on the phenotype of Cannabis grown, even if its spectrum is considered more suitable for the vegetative phase!

Together with the LED lamps, they are the most suitable and used lamps for indoor Marijuana cultivation, able to produce and grow your plants very quickly and vigorously! The difference between LEDs and MH is mainly the cost of the lamp and the energy consumption, the first favored by MH lamps, the second by LEDs!