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Exotic Seed

Exotic Seed

On this page you will find a wide selection of the best and unique varieties of Cannabis seeds produced by the legendary Exotic Seed: the fantastic Spanish Seedbank, producer of countless varieties of Cannabis seeds with unique genetic characteristics!

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Exotic Seed

Producing Feminized cannabis seeds, Regular seeds and feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds, here you can buy the fantastic seeds of all the best genetics in the European and U.S.A. market!

Whether you are a grower novice or a professional in the field, a commercial grower or a young marijuana seed collector, if you want to buy seeds from the Spanish seedbank “Exotic Seed”, this is the place you are looking for!


Malasana Cookies Exotic Seeds

Malasana Cookies – Exotic Seeds

Cannabis Seeds from Exotic Seed

The Hemp seeds produced by Exotic Seed are a real pillar of Marijuana cultivation in Europe, being one of the most sought after and purchased high quality Marijuana seed banks online! Some colossal varieties of today’s Marijuana have been created thanks to the use of varieties produced by Exotic Genetics, then purchased and collected by growers of all nationalities in the world!

Zkittalicious from the Exotic Seeds seed bank, produced only a few years ago, remains a perfect example of a very high quality feminized cannabis strain, with its sweet and intense aromas, its typically indica effect and the structure of its flowers! Thanks to its characteristic traits, this cannabis seed variety has quickly become one of the most cultivated and appreciated marijuana genetics by growers all over the world!

Exotic Seed is a reliable producer of cannabis seeds, as well as one of the most precise companies in their genetic selection and hybridization plan! Their Marijuana seeds are the result of the meticulous and complex work of selection, hybridization and genetic preservation of the various Cannabis seeds developed by the team of geneticists of the Exotic Seeds bank!

Exotic Seed Banks was launched on the market only in 2015, very quickly receiving a strong consensus from users! We recommend this very special Seedbank to anyone looking for spectacular colors, strong U.S.A. aromas. and Extra Large productions of crunchy and compact cannabis buds!

Take advantage of the discount on Exotic Seeds Bank cannabis seeds on our website, and buy your favorite package of “exotic” Marijuana seeds now!

What are “Exotic Seed” Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis Exotic Seeds are Marijuana seeds of extreme refinement and genetic quality produced in Spain. This category of Marijuana seeds produced by the Exotic Seed seed bank are essentially feminized and auto-feminized seeds, with some regular exceptions, keeping the grower away from any unwanted pollination!


Tropical Fuel Exotic Seed Cannabis Seeds

Tropical Fuel – Exotic Seed

5 Best “Exotic Seed” Cannabis Seeds