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The most Innovative Italian Cannabis Seeds Shop!

Annibale Seedshop was born from an Italian: Cuisine Chef and grower of high quality Cannabis, he was looking for the perfect quality of Marijuana!

In fact, he wanted to give life to a genetic selection of special crosses, with the aim of obtaining the highest quality cannabis seeds in the world: an impressive terpene and therapeutic profile, XXL harvests quickly, up to the very important aspect of the resistance of the plant to mold and parasites.

The search for the perfect strains could only start from places like Miami, Oregon, Phoenix, Michigan, the Emerald Triangle and other US landmarks for cannabis, up to Amsterdam, Prague, Barcelona, Ibiza and all of Italy.

Many crosses such as "Old Lemongrass F1", "Old Poison F1", "Old Peyote F1", and others such as "Firstclass F1", "Jack Cloudwalker F1", "Boyscout Cookies F1", "Buddha's Temple", "Lemon Zkittly F1" and "Lavender Muffin F1" were legally created in Utrecht, Amsterdam (Holland), with the goal to bring out the best genetic traits from every "Cannabis Keeper": Cannabis plants that, with a unique combination of genes, perfectly identify the phenotype of a legendary genetics!

In recent years we have been through difficult, sad and lonely times like never before, all over the world.

So, believing that the best time to donate can only be this, we have applied special discounts and promotions on all our products throughout the course of 2021, and we will continue to do so in 2022. You can find from 5% to 40% discount on all items, take advantage of the offer!

A young staff, made up of growers and genetic smokers, has worked (and continues to do so) on every aspect concerning customer care: from the quality of the products to the prices, from the assistance to the speed and discretion of orders: nothing is left to chance. .

However, in the hope that you can find your favorite seeds (because here in Annibale you will find the best world cannabis genetics in pick and mix mode), or everything you need to increase your passions, we at Annibale stay here 24/7 for your every need!

P.S .: For each order there are several gifts including several seeds, all from some of the best cannabis seed banks in the world.

However, remember that depending on how much you spent, you will get a certain amount of seeds and gifts as well as you can also take advantage of free shipping, valid worldwide*!

We recommend that you take a look at our "Free Shipping" and "Promotions" pages to find out more!

Annibale Seedshop Team wishes you a good navigation!

We ship all over Europe and to some non-EU countries where the trade of cannabis seeds is not prohibited by law.

IMPORTANT: The cannabis seeds sold on this site are traded for the use of collectors only, conseguently any final use of the products must be in compliance with the laws in force in the customer's country; Annibale Seedshop will not be responsible for the final use that the customer intends.

CEO Founder V.D. - Cannabis Chef

I am a Italian cuisine Chef with experience in molecular cuisine; I have worked for many years in the kitchens of most European countries, hot places!

Strong stress is always present in high-class kitchens, Cannabis has always accompanied me and my brigade colleagues in the few free hours, helping me to relax when I had little time and my body in pieces.

Over the years I have made useful friendships and numerous collaborative relationships throughout Europe in cities such as Amsterdam, Barcelona, Ibiza, Issaguen and also in the United States, managing to obtain fundamental support and cannabis seeds from private collections of excellent quality.

I then learned to know and distinguish the most particular, characteristic and complex flavors, aromas and notes of many herbs and dishes in the course of my life, realizing that I can transfer this knowledge directly into the field of genetic hybridization of Cannabis, in challenging process of mixing plant genes as if they were ingredients in their own right.

The challenge I am proposing to you is high and ambitious, the desire to carry out a great project is even more so!

In a period in which, in the Cannabis seed market, more and more large companies have decreased the genetic quality of their strains, we of the Annibale Seedshop Team have decided to embrace the philosophy of "Little but Great", with a good choice of unique and exclusive cannabis varieties of excellence!

Specialized in the research and selection of medically unique terpene genetics!

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10% Off
especially for you!

Sign up to receive your exclusive discount, and keep up to date on our latest products & offers!
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