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Amsterdam Genetics

Amsterdam Genetics

Here is a jewel of the cosmos of professional cannabis growers: the Amsterdam Genetics Seed Bank!

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Amsterdam Genetics

Cannabis seeds from Amsterdam Genetics

The renowned Dutch seedbank Amsterdam Genetics derives from a very strong passion from their team of geneticists and from the founder, who today can count in a chain of coffee shops in Amsterdam that sell the fruit of its genetics. Indeed, their base of operations is beloved Amsterdam, the undisputed birthplace of modern cannabis culture.

Although this brand seems to actually emerge only in recent years, the Team has been working relentlessly since 1985, collaborating with many of the great Marijuana companies, investing all their efforts in the selection, creation, development and sale to the customer of the best cannabis seeds on earth. This is their ambitious mission, derived from the great passion shared by all Marijuana smokers: the pursuit of the highest quality Cannabis is a secret contained in their genes even today..!


Lemon Ice Amsterdam Genetics

Lemon Ice – Amsterdam Genetics

That genuine and intense taste of freedom: Amsterdam

For the team of passionate professionals of Amsterdam Genetics, the search for quality contained in genetic traits comes first, just like we at Annibale Genetics. If you have ever had the pleasure of trying one of their genetics, you will have noticed that nothing is left to chance. This seedbank pampers its customers, and it does it very well by offering the highest quality cannabis seeds to the most demanding grower, as well as to the novice who stumbles upon the world of cultivation for the first time.

In short, a group of real scientists!

If there is a people that is meant for cultivation, whether it is cannabis or tulips, indoor or outdoor, that is undoubtedly Holland. Just look at the extreme care that fascinates the tourist when faced with the majestic and clean gardens of the city of Amsterdam, rather than the orderly cultivated fields when traveling by train south towards Eindhoven.

Quality is in their genes!

If your mouth is watering about what Amsterdam Genetics has to offer, don’t worry. Here, in Annibale Seedshop, we have almost all the genetics produced in recent years, whether they are regular, feminized, CBD or autoflowering, we always have them available in our stock. Besides the great genetics not to be missed, such as Caramella or Amazing Haze (one of our favorites), the team at Amsterdam Genetics continues to produce top quality Cannabis seeds by selecting new crosses from all over the world, including the U.S.A!

At this point, we can conclude by firmly saying what their mission is: to give the whole world a little taste of Amsterdam, the freedom to be yourself!

No need to be surprised at how successful they have been: they bring the real taste of Amsterdam coffee shops at a low price, and that’s why their fan base continues to expand in record time.

They have professional contacts with many European and overseas realities, reaping truly enviable fruits. Their partners and ambassadors of taste continue to collaborate together in one big project, including the most famous map maker in the world.


Kosher Tangie Kush Amsterdam Genetics

Kosher Tangie Kush – Amsterdam Genetics

And it is precisely in this way that Amsterdam Genetics sows the seeds of that famous free spirit of Amsterdam, precisely with this mindset open to everything and everyone that once (and forever) made Holland a great worldwide beacon of tolerance towards others, and towards those who do not know each other.

After almost 50 years, the guys at Amsterdam Genetics continue with the same passion, remaining the world champions of liberalized, responsible and regulated cannabis cultivation.

And then their true mission won’t stop before everyone is free to savor the flavor and quality of Amsterdam, no matter who or where you are, word of the Amsterdam Genetics Team!

Amsterdam Genetics is definitely one of our favorite cannabis seeds banks!
Seeing is believing, after so much genetic work it will certainly not disappoint you!

What are “Amsterdam Genetics” Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis seeds Amsterdam Genetics are Marijuana seeds of the highest genetic quality produced in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. This category of Marijuana seeds are essentially feminized and feminized autoflowering seeds, thus ensuring the customer from any unwanted pollination!


Super Silver Haze Amsterdam Genetics Cannabis Seeds
Super Silver Haze – Amsterdam Genetics

5 Best Cannabis Seeds “Amsterdam Genetics”