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Grower Kit

Grower Kit

If you are looking for the Indoor & Outdoor Cannabis Grower Kit, which is a 3-in-1 kit comprising germination pots, soft soil and our exclusive Regular, Feminized, Autoflowering and CBD edition cannabis seeds to give you the essentials to be able to grow your favorite Marijuana plants comfortably at home, this is the right place for you!

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Grower Kit

In fact, within this category you can easily find different types of Annibale Seedshop’s grower kit, depending on what your cultivation goals are!

“Annibale Seedshop” Grower Kit

There are many grow kits on the market for Growshop products, from complete growbox kits and HID lamps such as Hps or Mh, to simple kits of NEON or CFL lamps, each different from the other according to its function. However, the Annibale Seedshop grower kit is a convenient and particular cultivation kit that goes beyond the previous kits invented so far, allowing the most inexperienced customer to buy, with just one click, everything needed for a simple cultivation of Cannabis, with the qualities and quantities of Marijuana seeds that you prefer!

Here at Annibale Seedshop you can buy the relative kits of indoor and outdoor growers according to your cultivation needs!

Indoor and Outdoor Base Kit

The basic kit only includes the comfortable germination pots and the earth, although there are still free Cannabis seeds depending on the quantity you want to buy!

Regular Indoor and Outdoor Grower Kit

The regular kit is a simple and convenient kit like the others, but the marijuana seeds inside will be regular, allowing the growth of male plants!

Indoor and Outdoor CBD Kit

The CBD kit is a grow kit identical to the others, but with the difference that you will find inside the fantastic CBD seeds, legal for cultivation in many countries around the world!

Feminized Kit

The feminized kit is certainly one of the most interesting and loved kits by our customers, since with a single click it allows the purchase of germination pots, soft earth and feminized cannabis seeds, which exclude the growth of males, minimizing the risk of pollination!

Autoflowering Grower’s Kit

The autoflowering kit has also been quite successful, allowing you to grow the best autoflowering cannabis plants in comfortable germination pots and with soft soil!