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Phoenix Seeds

Phoenix Seeds

In this section of the site you will find many of the extraordinary varieties of Cannabis seeds produced by the Dutch seed bank Phoenix Seeds, which can be purchased on Annibale Seedshop at a special price!

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Phoenix Seeds

Producing Feminized cannabis seeds and feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds, in this section you will be able to buy extraordinary seeds of some of the best Dutch Marijuana genetics that can be found on the entire global Hemp seed market!

Whether you are an experienced grower, a 420 enthusiast, a marijuana geneticist or a commercial grower, if you want to buy Hemp seeds from Phoenix Seeds this is the place for you!

Cannabis seeds from Phoenix Seeds

Hemp seeds from Phoenix Seeds are a source of enormous wealth for Dutch marijuana growers, quickly catching on in the rest of Europe as well.

Phoenix Seeds is a Seedbank that has also been awarded by the Cannabis competitions of the world!

Good Shit or Strong Stuff by Phoenix Seeds are perfect examples of Feminized Cannabis Seeds, having become some of the most popular and highly regarded cannabis genetics in Europe!

This cannabis seed producer is one of the most reliable in terms of phenotype stability, as their Marijuana hybrids have years of genetic stabilization behind them. Producing their seeds in the Netherlands, Phoenix Seeds have several international contacts, and it’s not uncommon to find some of their genetics in American crops!

Take advantage of the special discount on Phoenix Seeds Marijuana seeds, and buy your favorite pack now!

What are “Phoenix Seeds” Cannabis Seeds?

Phoenix Seeds Cannabis seeds are high quality Marijuana seeds produced in Holland.

This category of Marijuana seeds produced by the Phoenix Seed seed bank are essentially feminized and auto-feminized seeds, especially for those who seek the production of seedless flowers!