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Green House Seeds

Green House Seeds

Are you looking for the most awarded cannabis seeds in the world? Then the seeds from Green House Seeds are just what you need to look at!

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Green House Seeds

In this collection of the site you will find all the best varieties of Cannabis seeds produced by the fantastic Seed bank Green House Seeds: the famous Dutch company that overturned the global market by producing truly unique and high quality Cannabis seeds, which immediately became authentic masterpieces. all over the world!

Producing Feminized cannabis seeds and feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds, here you can buy the fantastic seeds of the best Dutch genetics from the entire online market! You can find every type of seed, including CBD and Fast Version!

Whether you are a fan of cannabis cultivation or a professional in the field, a commercial grower, a geneticist or an accurate researcher and collector of Marijuana seeds, if you want to buy seeds from the fantastic Dutch Cannabis Seed Bank “Green House Seed” , this is the space you are looking for!


Banana Krumble Green House Seeds

Banana Krumble – Green House Seeds

Cannabis seeds from Green House Seeds

Marijuana seeds produced by Green House Seeds are a little paradise for cannabis growers all over the world, being one of the most bought and appreciated high quality Marijuana seed banks in all of Europe and the U.S.A! Some colossal marijuana strains have been developed with Green House Seeds, or from the use of varieties produced by their team of genetic experts, then purchased and collected by growers all over the world!

The fantastic Super Lemon Haze Feminized, the Super Lemon Haze Auto or the Hawaiian Snow from the Green House Genetics seed bank are feminized cannabis strains with immense potential, with their characteristic citrus, incense, gaseous and decisive flavors, and their well balanced and intense sativa effect! Thanks to their characteristic traits, these cannabis seed strains have quickly become the most cultivated and appreciated marijuana genetics of professional growers, discerning smokers and true cannabis connoisseurs from all over the world!

Green House Seeds is one of the most reliable Hemp seeds companies, as well as one of the most renowned and well-known companies in the world for the quality and genetic stability of its seeds! In fact, its seeds have several decades of development and stabilization behind them, and this is due to the careful and complex work of selection, hybridization and genetic preservation of the various Cannabis seeds developed by the super team of expert geneticists at Green House Seed!


Wonder Pie Green House Seeds

Wonder Pie – Green House Seeds

Origins of Green House Seed Company

Green House Genetics was born in 1985 in Amsterdam, the heart of Holland, by Arjan Roskam, a young cannabis lover at the time, enjoying great success in the early years! In fact, this is the most awarded Seedbank in the High Times Cannabis Cup, and in the entire history of the last 50 years by any existing international competition!

Franco Loja, the most famous Italian geneticist and marijuana researcher in the world, worked extensively for the Green House Seed Bank, donating his contribution of knowledge and passion to the entire cannabis community, dying at the age of 42.


Franco Loja Green House Seeds Annibale Seedshop Tribute

Franco Loja, Legend of Cannabis Industry

In addition, there are also several Green House coffee shops for the city of Amsterdam, including one recently opened by the Strain Hunters company, the offshoot of Green House Seed!

This seed bank is well known on the European and U.S.A. market, gathering various positive reviews from Marijuana growers from all over the world. In short, if you are looking for the cream, Green House Genetics is a seed bank that you should definitely try!


Jack Cloudwalker F1 - Annibale Genetics (Cloud Walker by Green House Seeds)

Jack Cloudwalker F1 – Annibale Genetics (Cloud Walker by Green House Seed x Lavender Jack Herer)

Take advantage of our discount on Green House Seeds cannabis seeds on our website, and buy now the package of your choice of the highest genetic quality Marijuana seeds!

What are “Green House Seeds” Cannabis Seeds?

Green House Seeds Cannabis seeds are Marijuana seeds of extreme refinement and genetic quality produced in Amsterdam. This category of Marijuana seeds produced by the Green House Seeds seed bank are essentially feminized and auto-feminized seeds, specially for those who seek the production of seedless flowers!


Jack Cloudwalker F1 Annibale Genetics (1)

Jack Cloudwalker F1 – Annibale Genetics (Cloud Walker by Green House Seeds x Lavender Jack Herer)

5 Best “Green House Seeds” Cannabis Seeds