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If you are looking for Cannabis Smoker Grinder within Headshop products, this is the place!

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In fact, within the “Grinder” category you will find any type of grinders for grinding Cannabis, suitable for the needs of every Marijuana smoker. In fact, we have a large collection of grinders, from the simpler plastic ones like ours (with the Annibale Seedshop logo) or others with patterns, passing from the classic wooden grinders and the more particular ones, ending up with the more expensive and rare ones!

Take a look at our collection of Cannabis grinders!


The Grinder is an Essential Tool for a Marijuana Smoker! In fact, this particular pocket grinder allows you to comfortably grind your marijuana buds, minimizing the loss of trichomes (resin), and thus optimizing the effect of the rods made! The grinders can be made of different materials, such as plastic, wood, stone and aluminum, but also made up of multiple materials such as wood and stone!

The most resistant grinders are above all those made of wood, metal and stone, as plastic, as well as not being cleanable from the trichomes that are deposited, is a more fragile material than the others.

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