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Mineral Fertilizers

Mineral Fertilizers

If you are looking for Indoor and Outdoor Growing Mineral Fertilizers in Growshop products, this is the right place!


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Mineral Fertilizers

In fact, within the “Mineral Fertilizers” category you can find synthetic fertilizers for Cannabis plants, produced by the best companies on the market! If you are growing cannabis indoors or in pots, or are planning to grow soon, don’t forget to buy Marijuana Growing Fertilizers here!

Marijuana plant fertilizers

The Fertilizer for the cultivation of Cannabis is essential if you want to grow plants in pots (or in hydroponic cultivation). This is because the amount of minerals useful for the needs of the Marijuana plant inside a pot (and even more so in a hydroponic tub) is limited, unlike cultivation in full soil (such as in a garden or in a cultivable field). It will therefore be necessary to implement the quantity required by the needs of the specific plants you are growing in pots, whether it is Marijuana or an Orchid plant!

Mineral fertilizers (synthetic)

Mineral or synthetic fertilizer is the preferred solution by commercial growers, professionals and those who work in Hydroponics. This type of fertilizer is strongly not recommended for those who approach cannabis cultivation for the first time.

Having been “synthesized” in the laboratory, as the word “synthetic” fertilizer itself suggests, the quality that mineral fertilizers possess is that they can act very quickly and directly with the plant, unlike Organic, which as we have previously seen, is it only creates nourishment in the soil, which the plant can quickly assimilate through its root system!

Acting very quickly, mineral fertilizer is the most suitable type of plant food in situations of extreme emergency due to severe deficiencies.

Mineral fertilizers are widely used by cannabis growers in hydroponic and aeroponic crops, being considerably more effective than organic fertilizer in water.

Green House Feeding Mineral Fertilizers

We have gathered here for you a series of mineral fertilizers produced by the famous Green House Feeding, a wing of the huge company Green House Seeds (famous for its award-winning Marijuana seeds in every High Times Cannabis Cup, and for its numerous Coffeeshops)! They are powder fertilizers, very easy to use and store. Since they are concentrated mineral fertilizers in powder form, they will be used in smaller quantities, with the consequent economic savings!