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If you are looking for Cannabis smoker Headshop products, this is the place!

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In fact, within the “Headshop Products” category you can find any type of Marijuana smoker’s product: from classic plastic, wood, metal and stone grinders, to plastic and glass bongs; from wooden pipes and digital vaporizers to the classic necessary papers + filters!


The Grinder is an Essential Cannabis Smoker’s Tool! In fact, this particular pocket grinder allows you to manually grind your own Marijuana inflorescences, minimizing the loss of trichomes (resin), and thus enhancing the effect of the reeds made! The Grinder can be made of different materials, such as plastic, wood, stone and aluminum, but also made up of multiple materials such as wood and stone!

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The bong is an accessory for heavy Marijuana smokers! in fact, this simple but ingenious tool allows you to inhale large quantities of Marijuana smoke, cooling it with water (and sometimes, even ice) and making it more palatable to the lungs. The effect of a correct hit of the bong creeps very quickly into the smoker’s head, bringing a heavy fresh breath of high! Coughing is a must!


Today’s vaporizer is a tool capable of reaching the decarboxylation temperature of THC, the most sought-after active ingredient in Cannabis, avoiding combustion and the consequent health risks.

It can be mainly of two types: the “Vulcano” vaporizer was the first to be used, and made its appearance in the major Dutch coffee shops around 2010, and consists of a device capable of heating large quantities of Marijuana (5 grams) carrying the THC-laden vapor inside huge paper bags that can be inhaled, even by more people (which is unthinkable today, in times of pandemic!).

Today’s vaporizers, on the other hand, are small pocket accessories, capable of performing the same function, but with much less weed!

Wooden Pipes

The wooden pipes for cannabis are a tool that almost everyone knows: they do not change much from the old pipes of our grandparents, with the only difference being the smaller size, suitable for smoking small amounts of cannabis without getting caught!

Smoker accessories

Smoker accessories are the daily bread of a cannabis smoker! Paper filters, King Size long papers, metal ashtrays and various lighters, including Clipper and gas lighters!

Annibale Seedshop Smoker’s Kit

The smoker’s kit is an invention of the Annibale Seedshop Team, and consists of a kit containing what most a Marijuana smoker needs: a fantastic grinder (plastic or wood), lighters (or Clipper), long kung size papers and paper filters, along with our merchandise and a free seed of “Annibale Genetics”!