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Grow Lamp Kit

Grow Lamp Kit

If you are looking for Indoor and Outdoor Cannabis Grow Lamp Kits, i.e. lamps that can grow Marijuana plants comfortably at home, this is the right place for you!

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Grow Lamp Kit

In fact, within this category you can easily find every type of indoor lighting kit, a set that will include the lamp, the lamp holder and the connecting plug with its ballast, if contemplated.

Indoor cannabis lights

There are many grow lamps on the Growshop product market, from HID lamps such as Hps or Mh, to Led or CFL lamps, each with its own function.

Here at Annibale Seedshop you can buy the related indoor lighting kits for each lamp, according to your growing needs!

Indoor Grow Lamp Kits (CFL, HPS, MH)

The CFL, HPS and MH Indoor Grow Lamp Kit is a kit that includes a lamp holder reflector, any electromagnetic ballast and any connecting plug, all in one convenient purchase!

Indoor growing kit HPS and MH

The affordable HPS and MH Indoor Grow Kit is what you need to successfully grow Marijuana indoors. HPS and MH lamps are suitable for large spaces and / or for the flowering phase of cannabis plants.

The MH lamp is a type of high intensity lamp more suitable for the vegetative phase of Cannabis plants, while the HPS lamp is more recommended for flowering. what mainly distinguishes one type of grow light from the other is the spectrum they possess.

CFL Indoor Grow Kit

The CFL Grow Kit shown here is best suited for the germination stages and early stages of vegetation, although it can still bring cannabis plants into bloom, but with less satisfactory results than HID grow lights!

Available in more wattages, the advice is to get more lamps or Indoor CFL cultivation kits, since more lamps of this type are indicated for a large cultivation space and / or with Cannabis plants in the flowering phase!