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HPS Grow Kit – Pure Light


-20% SALE on HPS Grow Lamps Kits – 400w / 600w

Pure Light’s HPS Grow Kit, which offers a complete solution for both growth and flowering, is paired with 90,000 lumen HPS Pure Light lamps!

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Grow kit HPS – Pure Light


-20% discount on HPS grow kits – 400w / 600w

This fantastic all-in-1 product from Pure Light, which offers a complete solution for both growth and flowering, is paired with HPS Pure Light lamps, capable of delivering over 90,000 lumens from a single source.

The package contains all the essentials to be able to correctly install the HID type lamp, designed to be able to grow Cannabis in a grow room obtaining the best results. However, the power cord will need to be purchased as it is not included in this kit.

The power cable for HPS lamp holder (with E-40 socket) can be purchased at a low price in any hardware and lighting store, including here at Annibale Seedshop!

HPS Grow Light: What is it?

Although more than fifty years have passed, the lamp contained in the Pure Light HPS grow kit remains the most used type of lamp in the world for indoor cannabis cultivation, given the low purchase cost in proportion to its effective efficiency.

However, although it costs relatively little to buy this type of lamp, it is the lamp that consumes the most energy, driving up the price of bills, and has an average life of about a year before having to be changed because it is no longer efficient.

This has made the economy of LED grow lamps prevail which, unlike HPS lamps, have a very high purchase cost, but without losing efficiency they consume less and last longer over time.

The most recommended lamp by the Annibale Seedshop Team for the flowering phase of Cannabis plants!

Safety of the HPS kit by Pure light

The Electromagnetic Ballast supplied in the Pure Light HPS grow kit package is compatible with sodium lamps, AGRO lamps and MH lamps.

The electromagnetic ballast for HPS lamps, shown here in this indoor lighting kit, guarantees a safety thermal protection capable of interrupting the supply of current due to overloads, short circuits and overheating.

You must pay close attention to the assembly instructions of the cultivation kit, which are found in a large part of the web by means of manuals and videos. There are various dangers and precautions to keep in mind related to the use of this type of lamps. For example, the first rule of thumb is never to touch the bulb with your fingers.

This is because the skin releases greasy substances which, with the intense heat generated by this type of lamp, could lead to an explosion of micro-fragments of incandescent glass that could cause fires or damage to things and people.

Be well informed before assembling, installing and using the Pure Light HPS grow kit!

This HPS grow kit contains:

  • Electromagnetic power supply 400w – 600w
  • Lamp Hps 400w – 600w – Pure Light
  • Aluminum Reflector Lamp holder (without connection cable)

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