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HPS Lamp – Pure Light


-25% SALE on HPS Grow Lamp – 250 / 400w / 600w

HPS cannabis indoor grow light, highly recommended for a flowering phase with impressive yields!

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Hps Lamp – Pure Light


-25% sale on Pure Light HPS Grow Lamp

The HPS lamp is a type of indoor cannabis grow light with high light intensity. They are the perfect grow lights for flowering multiple plants, even in large spaces.

They have a very high energy consumption, which results in a strong heat emission. They are especially used for the flowering phase of cannabis plants.

They have a characteristic reddish-orange color spectrum, due to the combination of minerals contained within. In fact, this color tries to reproduce the natural color of the end of summer, stimulating Marijuana plants to produce more flowers and more compact, with an intense aromatic spectrum. In short, among the best lamps for growing Indoor Cannabis!

What is an HPS lamp?

They emit much more light intensity than CFL lamps, while remaining much cheaper than the new LED lamps, which allow you to save over time against a considerable initial investment. This makes the Pure Light Hps lamp a type of Indoor grow light more suitable for the last stages of plant development, such as the flowering phase, just like LED lamps.

Trying to use this type of grow light during the germination phase could lead to disastrous results, as the plants are still too fragile to withstand so much heat and light intensity. What is likely to expose a too young Marijuana plant to these lamps is the burning of the leaves, or the withering of the entire plant.

Also, we recommend combining a CMH lamp or CFL grow light as a support to the HPS light in the flowering phase. This is because CMH and CFL lamps also have UV-B rays within their spectrum (2100°K) indicated as a natural stimulator of the growth of trichomes, the resin of Cannabis. This will make your weed suitable for any type of extraction.

Hps, like Mh, also have UV-B rays. However, these precious rays are largely filtered by the protective outer glass bulb, protecting the eyes and skin from dangerous UV light, which is extremely harmful to human health.

How to use it correctly

Normally, Pure Light Hps lamps have a classic E-40 socket, allowing easy installation on the lamp holder. Being very fragile lamps, you’ll have to be careful to don’t hit bulb, as well as not to leave fingerprints.

You have to connect to a special power supply, that turns on the lights with a powerful electric discharge. The ballasts (electromagnetic or digital) in fact, are current transformers suitable to be connected to HID lamps. Being very heavy and sensitive to humidity, they are best kept out of the grow space.

The Pure Light HPS lamp is a type of light that we of the Annibale Seedshop Team also use for the last stages of the life of Cannabis plants, highly recommended!

Pure Light HPS lamp safety

The electromagnetic ballast for HPS lamps, exhibited for sale here at Annibale Seedshop, guarantees a safety thermal protection. In fact, it’s a power supply capable of interrupting the supply of current due to overloads, short circuits and overheating.

It’s necessary to pay close attention to the correct mounting of the lamp to the current through the power supply. There are various dangers and precautions to keep in mind related to the use of this type of lamps. For example, the first rule of thumb is never to touch the bulb with your fingers.

The skin releases fatty substances which, with the intense heat generated by this type of lamp, could lead to explosions. This is the main cause of possible fires, creating damage to things and people.

Hps Lamps models by Pure Light available from Annibale Seedshop:

  • 250w
  • 400w
  • 600w

Don’t use Pure Light HPS lamp for the early stages of cannabis plant growth!

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