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Ballast HPS / MH (250w – 400w – 600w)


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The electromagnetic ballast works with HPS, MH and Agro lamps. This is a product suitable for the vegetative phase and the flowering phase of Marijuana plants.

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Weight8 kg


Ballast HPS / MH lamp


The electromagnetic ballast for Hps Mh and Agro lamp is a mandatory tool to operate this type of Indoor grow lights.
This model easily connects to the electricity source via the included screw terminals.

This electromagnetic power supply interacts with very powerful indoor cannabis grow lights. In fact, they are especially suitable in the vegetative phase and in the flowering phase. This type of lights, specially designed for Indoor Marijuana cultivation, are also used in large spaces.

The lamps that fit this ballast emit a high light intensity, being able to develop very high temperatures in the grow space. It is therefore not a product suitable for the Germination and Cloning phase of Cannabis plants.

Ballast safety for Hps / Mh lamp

It is equipped with thermal protection, capable of blocking the passage of current in the cables in case of overload, short circuit, abnormal operation or rectifier effect.

Automatic reset occurs after shutdown, with consequent cooling. This product must not be turned on before it has completely cooled down to avoid anomalies and overheating.

Being equipped with thermal protection, this convenient electromagnetic ballast for Hps and Mh lamp allows you to grow at home in total safety conditions. Furthermore, this type of product is able to extend the life of the lamps, as well as of the entire electrical system.

This type of electromagnetic ballast is suitable for use only and exclusively with HID lamps. In fact, that is high intensity lights, such as Hps and Mh. For this reason, do not try to connect other lamps.

Read the instructions for use carefully, and make sure you have assembled the components correctly before connecting to the power supply.

Compatibility with grow lights:

This hps mh lamp ballast is compatible with the following grow lights:

  • MH lamps: suitable for the growth phase
  • HPS lamps: suitable for the flowering phase
  • AGRO lamps for growth and flowering

Ballast formats available from Annibale Seedshop:

  • 250w
  • 400w
  • 600w

NOTE: Wiring cables are not included.

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