On this page of the site you will find every cannabis seed bank that we have in our catalog. From big names like Sensi Seeds, Dutch Passion, Green House Seeds, Royal Queen Seeds and many more, to the most niche Seedbanks for true connoisseurs. We are talking about Seed Bank such as Grand Daddy Purple, Bodhi Seeds, Humboldt Seeds Company, Top Tao Seeds, Mosca Seeds, without forgetting our fantastic Cannabis Seed Bank: Annibale Genetics, the first Marijuana seed bank in Italy!

Use the interactive map to find your favorite cannabis Seedbanks, or scroll through the list of countries until you get to the logos of our suppliers!

What are Cannabis Seed Banks?

"Cannabis seed banks" are producers and preservers of fantastic new Marijuana genetics. In Annibale Seedshop we host over 40 Cannabis Seed Banks from all over the world, including Africa and the U.S.A!