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Ballast HPS / MH Lamp

Ballast HPS / MH Lamp

If you are looking for Ballasts for HPS / MH and CMH lamps (HID Lamps) for Indoor and Outdoor Cannabis cultivation, or power supplies capable of lighting the very powerful HPS, MH and CMH lamps, this is the right place for you!

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Ballast HPS / MH Lamp

Within the “Ballast for HPS / MH and CMH lamps (HID lamps)” category, you can easily find any type of lamp to be able to grow cannabis safely at home!

Indoor cannabis lighting

There are many cannabis indoor grow lights on the market, but beyond LED technology, none are able to match HPS, MH and CMH lamps!

But what exactly are HID lamps, and why do they need a ballast to switch them on?

HID lamps (CMH / LEC, MH & HPS)

High discharge HID lamps are the cheapest and most suitable lights for indoor cannabis cultivation! CMH (or LEC), HPS and MH lamps fall into the category of HID indoor grow lamps.

CMH / LEC lamps are the latest arrivals in the field of high discharge lamps. This type of grow light has much better performance than its HPS or MH sisters, also affecting half the consumption!

To be able to turn on these lamps you will need a power supply (or Ballast)

Ballast for HPS / MH (HID) lamps

The ballast (or power supply) is a very heavy tool that is used to be able to ignite the HPS and MH (HID) discharge lamps, switching from house current to alternating current, giving a strong ignition discharge to HID lamps! They are a mandatory tool to be able to grow cannabis indoors with the classic high discharge lamps described above.

The ballasts for HPS / MH lamps can be of two types: Electromagnetic or Digital.

Electromagnetic Ballasts

Electromagnetic ballasts are the cheapest power supplies to turn on HPS and MH lamps! They weigh a lot, and are more sensitive to humidity than digital ballasts. The operation of this tool translates into the creation of an “electromagnetic” field that is able to ignite the powerful HID indoor grow lamps with a strong discharge.

Digital Ballasts

Digital Ballasts are definitely the best solution, even if more expensive than classic electromagnetic ballasts. They are more comfortable and more versatile, and some have a dimmer capable of adjusting the intensity of the wattage from 250 watts up to 1000w!