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If you are looking for Fertilizer Boosters for Indoor and Outdoor growing in the products from Growshop, this is the right place!

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In fact, within the “Boosters” category you will find any type of supplementary fertilizer for Cannabis plants, produced by the best companies on the market in the Organic and Mineral types!

Whether you are growing Cannabis Outdoor or Indoor in pots in hydroponics or aeroponics, if you want to produce increasing the quantity of the harvest and its quality, you will have to consider purchasing a booster!

Bosters PK 13-14

For example, PK 13-14 is one of the most popular cannabis growing boosters in the world. It is used to swell the buds of cannabis plants, greatly improving the quality and quantity that can be harvested at the end of cultivation. PK-13-14 is an additional fertilizer with high amounts of Phosphorus and Potassium, therefore suitable for the last stages of flowering of Marijuana plants, where it will require more energy and to be concentrated in the development of the buds.

PK 13-14 may be available in higher doses: simply reduce the amount of use, saving money and unnecessary products! In fact, there are infinite qualities of boosters on the fertilizer market that boast “magical powers”: no product is miraculous, however if you have the right knowledge on the needs of Marijuana plants, you will be able to intervene at the right time with the most appropriate product, improving drastically the health of the plants and, consequently, the quality of the crop!

As you may have understood, the grow booster is a non-essential element to conclude the cultivation of Cannabis, however it turns out to be an essential tool if you want to get the most out of your harvest!