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Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds

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Royal Queen Seeds

On this page of the site you will find all the best varieties of Cannabis seeds developed by the famous Spanish seed bank Royal Queen Seeds. For this seed banks, no great presentation is needed: it is the most famous Spanish company in the world, which has become, since the beginning of its launch on the market, an authentic forerunner of excellent varieties of Cannabis seeds sold online, surveyed over the years by most authoritative magazines in the Cannabis sector. Royal Queen Seed is simply pure legend!

Producing Feminized cannabis seeds and feminized autoflowering cannabis seeds, here you can buy many of the fantastic seeds among the best genetics on the world market! You can find every type of seed, including CBD and Fast Version!

Whether you are a newbie to cannabis cultivation or a professional in the field, a commercial grower or a simple marijuana seed collector, if you want to buy seeds from the legendary Spanish Cannabis Seedbank “Royal Queen Seed”, this is the place!


Royal Gorilla Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Gorilla – Royal Queen Seed

Royal Queen Seeds Cannabis Seeds

Hemp seeds produced by Royal Queen Seeds are a real pillar for Marijuana growers all over the world, immediately becoming one of the marijuana seed banks of the highest genetic quality most suitable for novices and simple enthusiasts! Some colossal strains of weed today were developed by Royal Queen Seeds and their expert geneticists, such as the exquisite Northern Lights. Thanks to the use of some of their varieties, thousands of Cannabis hybrids with exceptional genetic characteristics have been created!

The fantastic North Thunderfuck, the Green Gelato or the earthy Mother Gorilla from the Royal Queen seed bank are truly exceptional feminized cannabis strains: showing characteristic intoxicating aromas and impressive XXL harvests with a very balanced and pleasant effect, they are a true delight for growers with less experience! Thanks to their characteristic traits, these cannabis seed strains quickly became the most cultivated and appreciated marijuana genetics of cannabis growers around the world!

Royal Queen Seeds was born to select, cross and develop the great classic cannabis seeds that have built the history of world cannabis culture! This is a reliable Cannabis seed producer, as well as one of the most quoted and well-known companies in the world for their fantastic flowering seeds!

RQS cannabis seed have several years of genetic development and stabilization behind them. This is due to the precise and complex work of selection, hybridization and genetic preservation of the various cannabis seeds developed by the Royal Queen Seeds team of geneticists!

Royal Queen Seeds Company launches its site on the market only in 2011, enjoying before anyone else a strong success over the last ten years! This seed bank is one of the first for sales on the European and extra-European markets, collecting various positive reviews from Marijuana growers from all over the world. In short, a cannabis seed bank that offers a valid version of what you are looking for!


Watermelon Automatic Royal Queen Seeds

Watermelon Automatic – Royal Queen Seed

One of our favorite seedbanks, and this is what we recommend to our less experienced customers, having a huge choice of easy to grow cannabis seed strains for everyone!

Take advantage of the discount on RQS Company Cannabis Seeds on our site, and buy your favorite package of high quality Marijuana seeds now!

What are “RQS” Cannabis Seeds?

Royal Queen Seeds Cannabis seeds are Marijuana seeds of excellent genetic quality that are produced every year in Spain. This category of Marijuana seeds produced by the RQS seed bank are essentially feminized and feminized autoflowering seeds, except for some regular and cbd varieties, therefore produced specifically for those seeking only the flower as a crop!


Euphoria Royal Queen Seeds Cannabis Seeds RQS

Euphoria CBD – RQS Royal Queen Seeds

5 Best “Royal Queen Seeds” Cannabis Seeds