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CMH Lamp

CMH Lamp

If you are looking for the best CMH lamps for indoor cannabis cultivation, i.e. lamps that can grow Marijuana plants from seed to flower safely from home, this is the right place for you!

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CMH Lamp

In fact, within this category you can easily find the main types of wattage of our indoor growing CMHs, able to satisfy your every need!

Indoor cannabis lighting

There are many grow lamps on the market of Growshop products, from HID lamps such as Hps or Mh, to Led or Cfl lamps, but the most suitable for all stages of the life of the Cannabis plant is the CMH lamp!

Here at Annibale Seedshop you can buy the main wattages of CMH indoor grow lamps according to your growing needs!

CMH Lamp

CMH / LEC lamps are the latest technologies developed in the technological field regarding high discharge grow lamps. This type of grow light has much better performance than its HPS or MH sisters, also affecting half the consumption!

It can be connected to a classic reflector lamp holder for HPS and MH, but the adapter for the CMH e-40 lamp will be integrated. purchasable here on the site!

To be able to turn on these lamps you will need a power supply (or Ballast)

They are the lamps that we most recommend to professionals in the sector, whether they are private growers or companies. We of the Team of Annibale Seedshop & Genetics follow in the footsteps of Jorge Cervantes and Tony of Barney’s Farm, installing a CMH lamp as the main light, and low energy consumption LED supports!