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CFL Lamp

CFL Lamp

If you are looking for the best CFL Indoor and Outdoor Cannabis Growing Lamps, i.e. lamps that can grow Marijuana plants safely from home, this is the right place for you!

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CFL Lamp

In fact, within this category you will easily find every type of wattage of our indoor growing CFL lamps, able to satisfy your every need!

Indoor cannabis lighting

There are many grow lamps on the market of Growshop products, from HID lamps such as Hps or Mh, to Led or Cfl lamps, but the best for the germination, cloning and early life stages are only CFL lamps!

Here at Annibale Seedshop you can buy the relative wattages of the CFL indoor grow lamps according to your growing needs!

CFL Lamps

The CFL lamp is a very affordable indoor grow light that can be easily found in most hardware stores. Developing little light output, they are the most suitable lamps for the germination phase and the vegetative phase of Marijuana plants!

Marijuana micro crops with CFL lamp

When growing Cannabis in tight spaces, this type of lamp is one of those that is most recommended as the main lighting, as it allows a fair light intensity with a low waste of energy and heat, thus allowing you to grow Marijuana in small spaces.

Without a shadow of a doubt, we at Annibale Seedshop’s Team advise against growers who grow Cannabis to get a good amount of Marijuana flowers to harvest, as it is not the most suitable lamp for the flowering phase of Marijuana, given its low capacity. to penetrate foliage compared to LED and HID lamps.