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Biobizz – Try-Pack Stimulant

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Do your plants look rather lackluster and do you think they need a boost? With Biobizz’s magical Try-Pack Stimulant you can do it today!

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Biobizz – Try-Pack Stimulant

Are your cannabis plants looking pretty down and slow, and do you think they need a boost? If talking, singing, or having her listen to Jimi Hendrix with them didn’t work, it might be time to use the magical power of the Stimulant Try-Pack, one of four members of the exclusive Biobizz family.

It simplifies the acquisition of experience and knowledge necessary for the use of other organic fertilizers, with the simple use of 100% organic fertilizers from the Biobizz range.

Ladies and gentlemen, this ahead of you is the product to choose when you want to take that extra step of organic quality, offering plants with larger flowers, fruit and cannabis buds with sweeter flavor and guaranteed fantastic results.

Coming from the most famous Spanish organic fertilizer company, Biobizz’s Try-Pack product mix for cannabis cultivation (and more) is one of the most recommended on the entire gardening product market if you want to push the accelerator on quality. and the final quantity of crops.

So, is possible to use this completely organic booster with various types of flowering and fruit plants.

Grow your plants like a true professional grower

So, with Biobizz’s complete high-quality Try Pack you can’t go wrong, being great value for the whole community. Designed to be easy to handle and use, it can also be used in combination with any other Biobizz product to maximize yield and minimize cultivation costs.

So, this combination of 100% organic nutrients provides adequate basic nutrition for 1-4 plants, depending on the type of crop.

Each pack of Biobizz Try-Pack Stimulant contains:

  • 250 ml Alg A Mic
  • 250 ml Top Max
  • 250 ml of Root Juice

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