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Root Juice – Biobizz


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Made entirely from vegetable ingredients and designed for organic gardening, Root Juice combines two amazing natural substances: premium humic acid and seaweed.

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Root Juice – Biobizz

What is Root Juice?

This product is made exclusively with 100% vegetable and natural ingredients. So, specially designed for organic gardening, Root Juice combines two extraordinary natural substances: the best quality humic acid and the multiple benefits of algae.

It is a product specially formulated to encourage vigorous root development of cannabis plants, dramatically improving the natural biological life that surrounds and supports your plant’s root system.

From the beginning, Biobizz Root Juice helps the roots to penetrate the substrate vigorously in the initial rooting phase, but also in strengthening the growth of already rooted Marijuana plants.

This can guarantee the grower that the Cannabis plant (and not only) has everything it needs to absorb nutrients better and more quickly, resulting in a strong and resistant harvest, characterized by a good final weight guaranteed for all. plant growers.

Coming from the most famous Spanish organic fertilizer company, the Biobizz Root Juice for the cultivation of Cannabis is one of the most recommended on the entire market of gardening products, especially when you want to grow fruit or flowering plants outside, ensuring through optimal root stimulation for large and heavy crops.

This type of 100% biologic and completely organic fertilizer can be used with various types of flowering and fruit plants.

How to use Root Juice correctly?

Biobizz Root Juice is not difficult to use, and is ideal for adding to soil, peat and coconut mixes, as well as providing root protection guaranteed even with the use of hydroponic or aeroponic systems.

If you are using All Mix or Light Mix substrates, it is best to feed the plants during the first few weeks with Root Juice, as this is its most crucial time period for healthy and proper rooting.

Biobizz recommends a dose of 1 to 4 ml per liter of Root Juice water, depending on the stage of development of the cannabis plants.

Recommended Dosage:

  • 1-2 ml / l water in the first phase of germination.
  • 2-3 / l water ml in the vegetative phase.
  • 3-5 ml / l water in the flowering phase.

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