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Bio Bloom – Biobizz


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Hoping for exuberant flowers that lead to tasty fruits? Then this 100% organic, complete liquid fertilizer, as its name suggests, is what you need.

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Bio Bloom – Biobizz

What is Biobizz Bio Bloom?

Are you also hoping for impressive flowers that lead to tasty fruit, or exquisite cannabis buds? Then. this 100% complete and organic liquid fertilizer, as the name suggests, is what you really need.

Bio Bloom by Biobizz contains the optimal blend of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, along with various enzymes and amino acids, concluding everything in perfect harmony with the substrate.

Trace elements and hormones of plant origin and 100% organic have also been added to help cannabis plants, such as flowering and fruit, to create a flowering plant with a strong and vigorous stem, and with rapid development.

Coming from the most famous Spanish organic fertilizer company, Biobizz Bio Bloom for growing Cannabis is one of the most recommended on the entire gardening product market, especially when you want to strengthen and speed up the development of fruit or flowering plants. outdoor as indoor, ensuring compact and heavy harvests in the flowering period. One of the most recommended products by the Annibale Seedshop team!

This type of 100% organic fertilizer with potassium and phosphorus concentrate, specially formulated for the flowering of Marijuana plants, can be used with various types of flowering and fruit plants, especially with Cannabis in its last weeks of flowering.

The nutrients of Bio Bloom

It is now widely known that potassium and phosphorus help the bulbs, calyxes and petals of flowering and fruit plants to form properly, and therefore grow optimally.

In particular, potassium can work with the plant’s natural rhythm throughout the day and night, which helps it more easily trigger the two flowering process.

Just what is contained in the fertilizer developed and produced by Biobizz, the fantastic Bio Bloom!

How to use it correctly?

This fantastic product, the Biobizz Bio Bloom on sale today, is a 100% organic fertilizer, which can work independently of the use of other products, and can be used from the first flowering period to harvest.

Biobizz recommends around 1-4ml per liter of water. You can find concrete doses for each period in the official and complete nutritional program on the Biobizz website. Increase the recommended dosage during the late flowering stages of your cannabis plants if they have not shown signs of over-fertilization. Don’t forget to wash your plants’ roots and substrate thoroughly during the last two weeks of flowering.

Recommended dosage of Biobizz Bio Bloom:

  • 1-2 ml / l water in the vegetative phase.
  • 2-3 ml / l water in the first flowering phase.
  • 3-4,5 ml / l water in the second flowering phase.

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