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Amazing Haze Feminized – Amsterdam Genetics


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Parents: Caramella x Amnesia Haze
Type: 60% Sativa – 40% Indica
Flavour: Sweet / Caramel / Fruity
Effect: Energetic Headbuzz
Flowering time: 9-10 Weeks

Additional information

Weight0,15 kg
Genetic Type


Harvest Time

10-12 Weeks, 8-10 Weeks

Harvest Yield

400-500g/ m2, 500-600g / m2

Seed Sex

Feminized Seed


Amsterdam Genetics


High THC (20%), Very High THC (25%)

Where to Grow

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“Amazing Haze” Feminized Cannabis Seeds – Amsterdam Genetics

Amazing Haze, how sweet is the scent | Who cooked a wretch like me;
Once I was lost, but now I found myself | How amazing Haze can be!

Yes indeed: Amazing Haze made us sing our hearts out here in Amsterdam! You will understand why once you realize the poetry we managed to capture in the genetics of this strain.

We were already very happy with the potent Amnesia Haze that Amsterdam fell in love with.

Ever since we crossed the Amnesia genes with the amazing Caramel strain, however, this city has sung the praises of this 24% THC indica-sativa hybrid strain.

If this is your first time growing Amazing Haze seeds, you may want to warn your neighbors, as you may soon find yourself singing along …

Amazing Marijuana Seeds from Amazing Haze Feminized by Amsterdam Genetics

Amazing Haze cannabis seeds can encompass the entire spectrum of weed genetics almost in its entirety. It’s a nice result, and probably explains a lot of what makes this variety of steamroller so unique in its various effects.

The genetic diversity of Amazing Haze is directly due to the mixed and open minded marriage between two extremely complementary mother plants. Amnesia Haze is an iconic 70% sativa monolith, while Caramella offers an impressive 80% indica genome.

If you know the classic effects associated with both branches of the Great Weed Family Tree, you know that a special ride awaits you. Well, you guessed it: start your engines, because the Amazing Haze Race is about to begin!


The fantastic Haze feminized cannabis seeds pack a true cornucopia of different effects. This makes it a very interesting variety; not only for cultivation, but also for consumption. Her unsurpassed high is quite cerebral for a 60% indica variant, full of energizing cheer and uplifting mental stimulation.

Some would say it qualifies Amazing Haze as a day strain, but for others it’s a great choice for a lively finish to the day. No matter what, though, she always brings a serious THC range and a potent entourage boost provided by her savory terpene profile.

Medical potential

An interesting blend of two genetic extremes, Amazing Haze appears to provide medicinal possibilities worth exploring. Its head-spinning uplifting tendencies suggest applications for sadness, low energy, and depression-like symptoms, for which the strain is truly widely appreciated.

Some report significant improvement in migraines and lasting headaches for this predominantly brain-directed strain. In fact, Amazing Haze is often cited as a favorite for chronic fatigue and associated conditions, but it obviously works equally well whether you only have a day off or a slow start.

Add a cup of coffee and something sweet to munch on and you’re ready for a productive and positive run!

Flavor & Aroma

With two highly different indica and sativa strains for parents, the terpene profile that determines the scent and flavor of Amazing Haze is a rich blend of flavor molecules.

Caryophyllene and myrcene tend to have the upper hand, although the composition of terpenes tends to vary from one cultivation configuration to another. The determining factor in Amazing Haze’s unmistakable bouquet comes from the Caramel side, however, as her sweet, sultry caramel tones make the taste of her thick smoke truly unforgettable.

Taken together, all elements culminate in a delightful sensation of sweetness on the palate with delicious earthy touches for balance.

Amazing Haze taste tingles and persists long after exhalation.


Cultivation information

Perhaps Amazing Haze isn’t the best choice if this is your first ever attempt at growing cannabis.

However, the main trick to growing this strain fully is patience, a lot of patience. Flowering times average between 9 and 10 weeks, so if you plan on growing outdoors, make sure you start early or you will harvest after the fall rain arrives. If you can let it bloom all the way, a hefty reward awaits you.

With the right treatment and the right mix of nutrients, her buds grow gigantic, which in itself represents a bit of an increased risk of fungi towards harvest time. However, she does have some of that familiar sativa sensibility, so don’t treat her roughly and try not to stress her too much.

Indoors, this formidable woman can be difficult to maintain at a manageable height, so be prepared to train her gently during her hectic vegetative phase.
Outdoors, the same advice might come in handy, except for growers who don’t bother watching a healthy ganja tree develop in the garden!

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