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Brainkiller Haze Feminized – Vision Seeds


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Strong, Powerful, Tall, Impressive, Simply Am-Hazing ! Brainkiller is an almost pure haze and will blow your mind when it comes to effect, potency and yields. 

Additional information

Genetic Type

Hybrid, Pure Sativa

Harvest Time

12-14 Weeks

Harvest Yield

400-500g/ m2, 500-600g / m2

Seed Sex

Feminized Seed


Vision Seeds


High THC (20%), Mid THC (15%), Very High THC (25%)

Where to Grow

, ,


“Brainkiller Haze” Feminized Cannabis Seeds – Vision Seeds

Far Above the Clouds is the title of the melody I had to think about when I wrote this piece .. but let’s try to stay on topic (clearly stay away from this strain when “trying” to work).

The high is euphoric, almost psychedelic and personally having a hard time erasing a jaw-breaking smile right now, this strain produces the most uplifting and cheerful high ever.

Brainkiller Haze is an ideal strain to get you out of a mental dive, but it’s also very good for temporarily relieving chronic pain sufferers.

On top of all these amazing qualities, Brainkiller Haze also has its downsides, many reported being a very dry mouth, so keep a jar of water close by and your eyes dry. It is also not an easy strain to grow. It will take some time and effort to achieve the incredible yields (1100gr / m2) that this strain promises.

It is very sensitive to pH levels and takes up to 14 weeks to complete flowering. BUT in the end it will definitely be worth all your efforts.

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  • Genetics 90% Sativa / 10% Indica
  • Haze family
  • Flowering period 14 weeks
  • Harvest month November
  • Yield (indoor / outdoor) 600-1100 g / m2
  • Height (internal / external) Tall and Pronged
  • Very high THC level