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Bubblelicious Feminized – Nirvana


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Bubblelicious Feminized is a candy shop sweet strain that was created by bringing together our best two Skunk lines. Incredible terpenes, mouth-watering flavors, large sized frosty nugs making Bubblelicious the ultimate strain for beginner growers.

Additional information

Genetic Type


Harvest Time

10-12 Weeks, 8-10 Weeks

Harvest Yield

300-400g /m2, 400-500g/ m2

Seed Sex

Feminized Seed


Nirvana Seeds


High THC (20%), Mid THC (15%)

Where to Grow

, , ,


“Bubblelicious” Feminized Cannabis Seeds – Nirvana Seeds

Bubblelicious Feminized is a sweet candy shop strain that was created by combining our two best Skunk lines. Incredible terpenes, mouthwatering flavors, oversized icy buds make Bubblelicious the ultimate strain for novice growers.



To create the most unique and fruity Skunk hybrid possible, we used Big Bud and crossed it with a Skunk # 5 male. Both plants are well known for their huge yields of bright green, resin-encrusted flowers and their ability to easily withstand hot and cold climates.

Bubblelicious Feminized is a super reliable hybrid that will flower in 9-11 weeks and will no longer grow once flowering begins.


Characteristics of the variety

it will grow to medium height and produce solid branching. During the vegetative stage, Bubblelicious will produce bushy foliage thanks to its Skunk heritage, making it a great candidate for plant training such as topping, L.S.T and pruning. Grown in a Sea of ​​Green, this girl is capable of producing 350-450g / m² and outdoors she can achieve monstrous yields that may require support.

Her buds will grow a bright green hue that is covered in thick orange and pink pistils, surrounded by clusters of trichomes.

She has a high calyx to leaf ratio, so she’ll grow huge buds and be easy to harvest and cut. Its fragrance during the flowering phase is exotic, floral, fruity and tropical, with a sweet and earthy strawberry essence.

Another thing about this majestic lady is how she will bloom with pink, magenta and purple undertones that will make her stand out from the rest which means her fascination with her purse is skyrocketing.


By experimenting with this variety

Due to Bubblelicious’s Skunk lineage, the effects will be high energy, high creativity, and a fun, relaxed mindset. She has a THC level of 15-18% making her a sweeter, yet ideal hybrid for smokers who love long-lasting fruit cocktail flavors that truly inspire the inner artist.

When you roll a joint, the aroma it releases is mesmerizing and deliciously strawberry-sweet. After lighting a joint, the room will smell like a wild combination of fresh flowers, berries, strawberry tarts and chewing gum.

Smoking the seasoned flowers of the Bubblelicious variety is a real treat and the extracts from this hybrid are top notch. We recommend this strain for morning and day use, for making music, art, deep reading and for those who like to relax.

What makes this strain so great: You’ll feel like a kid in a candy store again when you experience Bubblelicious’s sweet tropical floral terpenes. An extremely pleasant high that will keep you excited for hours with huge yields for both indoor and outdoor growers.


Additional Information of “Bubblelicious Feminized”


This strain is a cross between Bubblegum (Big Bud x Skunk # 1).


A hybrid strain is made up of indica and sativa traits created specifically to bring the best characteristics of the parents.



These seeds are guaranteed to become female plants, all plants end up producing powerful buds.



This variety is intended for indoor cultivation, it requires a more controlled environment.



The plant grows into a medium sized plant compared to other varieties, great for filling your grow space.



This variety has an average yield of 350 – 450 g / m² in SOG, a moderate yield compared to other varieties.


Flowering period

This plant blooms between 9 and 10 weeks after the vegetative stage.


Difficulty of cultivation

This strain is relatively easy to grow, requiring some additional care to reach its full potential.

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