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Cookies Krush Feminized – Super Strains


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Super Strains Cookies Krush Feminized Cannabis Seeds are a highly sought after souvenir for some visitors to Amsterdam. For those who haven’t tried it yet, this cannabis strain pushes the THC accelerator beyond the potency limit!

Additional information

Genetic Type

Hybrid, Pure Indica

Harvest Time

10-12 Weeks, 8-10 Weeks

Harvest Yield

500-600g / m2

Seed Sex

Feminized Seed


Super Strains


High THC (20%)

Where to Grow

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“Cookies Krush” Feminized Cannabis Seeds – Super Strains

Super Strains Cookies Krush Feminized Cannabis Seeds are a highly sought after souvenir for some visitors to Amsterdam. For those who haven’t tried it yet, this cannabis strain pushes the THC accelerator beyond the potency limit!

Characteristics of Cookies Krush Feminized


Cookies Krush brings together the best of both worlds.

Cookies Krush is an almost pure indica strain obtained from the best Dutch and Californian genetics. Cookies Krush is a cross between the famous Super Strains “Enemy of the State” genetics and the California genetics “Girl Scout Cookies”. It is an almost pure Indica, with a minimal sativa genotype.

A powerful cannabis dessert

The taste of Cookies Krush is tremendously delicious, a few touches of sweet cookies that blend with earthy notes and a fresh minty finish. A dance of unforgettable sensations! It’s the perfect dessert for after a heavy meal, a wonderful strain worth savoring before bed.

Cookies Krush by Super Strains has a high THC content (21%), but the special feature of Cookies Krush is that it also has a CBD content of 2%, which makes smoking pleasant and relaxing.

Not only powerful, but its amazing flavor matches its name perfectly.

Cookies Krush is impressing members of the cannabis community with a potent cannabinoid profile with high THC levels, making it an ideal strain for both recreational smokers and medical users.

The smells released when a flame is applied to a Cookies Krush bud is simply astounding, releasing smokes with aroma of biscuit, mint, chocolate and a blend of earthy and floral flavors.

A versatile cannabis plant

Added benefit; Cookies Krush will happily grow both indoors and outdoors.

Indoors she will flower in about eight to nine weeks and experienced growers can feasibly harvest 600g / m². Outdoors she will produce more and is ready for harvest towards the end of September. Obviously this assumes that they have optimal growing conditions.

Aroma and taste of Cookies Krush Feminized


Super Strains Cookies Krush boasts an impressive 21% THC content that can blow unsuspecting users, but is a real treat for the connoisseur. Cookies Krush is not only potent, it also tastes great that matches its name.

Cookies Krush has a fantastic flavor as it tickles your taste buds with the distinctive aroma of Cookies with a slight hint of mint. At the first puff, the flavor of Cookies stands out: sweet, earthy and a little spicy. Then comes the euphoria, a sharp explosion that feels like the bulge of an emotional balloon, on which the rest of the experience takes place.

Expect sweet sensations that go hand in hand with a long-lasting, euphoric buzz. She is known for her long high, with her effects sometimes exceeding other strains by hours.

Effect of Cookies Krush


An excellent option for creatives, this strain will keep you productive all day. Cookies Krush is a good strain for relaxing and letting your thoughts wander. It relaxes the body on a very deep level while opening a clear and soaring mental space.

Consider vaping for a lighter effect on the body and one that emphasizes the cerebral aspects. With Cookies Krush, you may experience waves of introspection, stupidity, and philosophizing that fold the space that alternate throughout your experience. Keep a notebook, brush, or other creative tools handy in case you get inspired.

While Cookies Krush loves the solo experience, it can also do well with friends – smoke Cookies Krush in a group for a silly and creative hangout.

Indoor Cultivation of Cookies Krush Feminized by Super Strains


Unlike its high, Cookies Krush’s growth metrics tend to be somewhere in between. It’s not too difficult to grow, nor is it overly simplistic. Furthermore, it is neither too high nor too low.

Cookies Krush Feminized takes about 9 weeks to flower, which is an average of other strains. It thrives on hydroponics, with relatively low fertilizer requirements. It is resistant to pests and mold, which makes it even more suitable for hydroponics and soil.

When ripe, it has purple sugar leaves, orange hairs, and a thick layer of frozen trichomes. Cookies Krush grows fast and tends to create long and rather thick tails and is the ideal option for developing a SOG.

It is resistant to pests, but needs adequate ventilation when grown indoors.

Outdoor cultivation


Super Strains Cookies Krush is very suitable for outdoor growing, loves Mediterranean climates, but adapts well to the colder climates of Central and Northern Europe.

Their functional size makes the plant highly manageable and also adds an element of discretion to growing the variety. Slow in the growing phase, it produces round solid flowers with incredible speed in the fall, allowing for an outdoor harvest before October.

If the maximum daytime temperature does not exceed 22 degrees, it will be even faster. In terms of growth, Cookies Krush will please beginners with its hardy and tolerant nature and will please experienced growers with the high yields it offers to those willing to put in a very modest effort.

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  • STRAIN TYPE Mostly Indica
  • HEIGHT max. 180 cm
  • YIELD Up to 650 gr / m2
  • INDOOR FLOWERING TIME 9 – 10 weeks
  • THC% 21%
  • CBD% 2%
  • EFFECT Euphoric