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Creeper Autoflowering – Super Sativa Seed Club


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Creeper Auto Cannabis Seeds from Super Sativa Seed Club are what we most recommend to our most demanding customers!

Additional information

Genetic Type

Hybrid, Pure Sativa, Ruderalis

Harvest Time

10-12 Weeks, 12-14 Weeks

Harvest Yield

400-500g/ m2, 500-600g / m2

Seed Sex

Feminized Autoflowering Seed


Super Sativa Club


High THC (20%), Mid THC (15%)

Where to Grow

, ,


“Creeper Autoflower” Feminized Cannabis Seeds – Super Sativa Seed Club

Creeper Auto Cannabis Seeds from Super Sativa Seed Club are what we most recommend to our most demanding customers!

Growing tips from the Super Sativa Seed Club Team


Remember that Creeper Auto is a 100% autoflowering lady, so she decides what to do, and when. Just provide care, be humble. Never ever transplant this variety, its roots are extremely sensitive. Plant it directly into its final grow container.

It performs very well when given a lot of light in warm sunny countries outdoors. Inside, 20 hours of light per day are the best. But if needed, it can also end up under 12 hours of daily light, albeit at a small size and yield.

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History of Creeper Auto

In the 1980s Super Sativa Seed Club worked with an indica strain called Williams Wonder. It was an interesting and occasionally quirky strain to research. At times it showed autoflowering characteristics. This was unusual, auto genetics were far from being understood in those days.

Autoflowering seed varieties need careful research, there are still many dwarf and low-potency plants, with significantly lower performance than smaller seed companies. However, some truly exceptional autoflowering genetics have also been created recently.

These sometimes came from autoflowers selectively crossed with the best genetics for many generations. When done right, this preserves the autoflowering gene as well as the THC-rich characteristics and taste / aroma of photoperiod parental genetics.

After studying autoflowering breeding, we worked on Creeper Auto. In our view, this brings a whole new approach to cars.

When the SSSC was re-established, they knew a good autoflowering strain was needed for the modern seed collection. But it had to be superior in quality to the typical “medium quality” autoflowering strains that dominate much of today’s market.

Genetic characteristics

The Creeper Auto autoflowering cannabis strain was created from the ground up using THC-rich genetics from our photoperiod Creeper sativa.

We still had the autoflowering version of the original Williams Wonder in our seed archive. This was used to give the genetics the autoflowering characteristics.

It took more than 3 years of effort and a lot of backcrossing to the original Creeper before the team was satisfied with the quality.

Creeper Auto crop

Creeper Auto is usually about three feet tall with large side branches. It takes 12 to 13 weeks to grow from seed to harvest, occasionally a couple of weeks longer for the more productive phenotypes.

The buds look like real sativa flowers, long and springy, however you may notice some broad indica shaped leaves from Williams Wonder’s indica heritage. But we at Annibale Seedshop also guarantee: the smell and powerful effects are of pure and genuine sativa.

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  • Life cycle of 11-12 weeks
  • Sativa dominant
  • Large plant