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Enemy of the State Feminized – Super Strains


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The Cannabis seeds of Enemy of the State by Super Strains have stolen the hearts of true Oldschool Haze growers!

Additional information

Genetic Type

Hybrid, Pure Indica

Harvest Time

8-10 Weeks

Harvest Yield

500-600g / m2

Seed Sex

Feminized Seed


Super Strains


High THC (20%)

Where to Grow

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“Enemy of the State” Feminized Cannabis Seeds – Super Strains

The Cannabis seeds of Enemy of the State by Super Strains have stolen the hearts of true Oldschool Haze growers!

Characteristics of Enemy of the State Feminized

Mother of the famous Amnesia strain

Enemy of the State Feminized is an old school indica cannabis plant packed with superb flavors.

This is an old Indica genetic originating from Afghanistan and can be found in many Super Strain crosses. It is in fact one of the base plants for the legendary Amnesia variety.

Her superior indica genetics have made her a great choice for breeders, and she adds a relatively high CBD content to any blend. With fast flowering times, high pest resistance and generous yields, this is a must for anyone looking to grow a reliable indica strain.

This marijuana strain produces a heavy, room-filling smoke and has a typically spicy smell with a sharp undertone. The smoke has a musky flavor with hints of fruity at the end of the hit.

Enemy of the State Feminized offers a great opportunity to get a taste of some cannabis history, with results that will make you want more.

Enemy of the State delivers a heavy and relaxing indica high.

Enemy Of The State has an impressive history and originates from Afghanistan.

Strain played a vital and pivotal role in the creation of Super Strain’s legendary Amnesia strain. Enemy of The State on its own is a very potent indica strain with some extremely high THC levels and a great resin yield.

These great attributes make it a perfect choice for making extracts. When you consider her high yields in combination with her fast growing times, it’s easy to see why her genetic profile and productivity are world famous.

Enemy of the State Feminized by Super Strains has a flowering time of around 8 weeks for optimal yields and is ideal for all types of growers as she is easy to grow and has characteristics that everyone will find favorable.

Aroma and taste of Enemy of the State Feminized


Enemy Of The State contains some delicious flavors that are experienced when the smoke from this plant comes in contact with your taste buds after inhalation. It has a thick smoke and offers consumers sweet flavors and some musky undertones in the aftertaste.

It offers a relaxing effect, appreciated even by the most experienced smokers, as it can alter both physical and mental states.

These properties make this strain the best to smoke on a relaxed evening or a well deserved day off.

Effect of Enemy of The State


This thick smoke will induce a strong out of tune high without turning you into a zombie. It gives a light and sparkling head feeling; it is perfect for those days of relaxed leisure, sitting in the park with friends enjoying the sun.

Enemy Of The State is a strong indica strain of cannabis that sinks the body into a calm state when smoked. Indica traits are highly detectable in the smoke generated by this strain, the smoke is very relaxing but also has an exciting element.

It will send soft vibrations throughout the body, releasing tension from the daily grind and initiating feelings of happiness. Known to also create an increased appetite.

Indoor cultivation of Enemy of the State by Super Strains


Enemy of The State by Super Strains is a powerful indica strain that develops compact plants that will reach the modest height of 150cm, displaying the broad, bushy traits of an indica plant.

Indoors, this plant requires a long period of vegetation, as it grows at a rather slow rate, focusing on the enlargement and fattening of its structure. With only 9 plants per square meter you can fill your growing area thanks to its dense foliage and thick branches.

It only takes 50-55 days to flower, making up for some of the time spent in the vegetative stage, giving yields of up to 500g per square meter.

Its high strength makes it the perfect option for inexperienced growers, as it will tackle many beginner mistakes without losing quality or yield.

Outdoor cultivation


Enemy of the State by Super Strains is very suitable for outdoor and greenhouse growing. Enemy of the State can get quite tall for an indica when grown outdoors. Plant heights often reach 1.5m when grown outdoors and yields are often greater than their indoor counterparts.

You can expect a very generous yield of> 600g / m2 for your time and effort.

The harvest time for outdoor plants usually occurs at the end of September. Make sure you plant this baby as soon as possible due to the time it takes to grow.

The flowering period of this variety takes place over a period of 50-55 days.

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  • STRAIN TYPE Mostly Indica
  • HEIGHT max. 150 cm
  • YIELD Up to 500 gr / m2
  • THC% 21%
  • CBD% 3%
  • EFFECT Smooth high