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Hindu Kush Feminized – Sensi Seeds


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Hindu Kush Feminized by Sensi Seeds makes growing an award-winning cannabis strain even easier!

Additional information

Genetic Type

Pure Indica

Harvest Time

6-8 Weeks, 8-10 Weeks

Harvest Yield

300-400g /m2, 400-500g/ m2, 500-600g / m2

Seed Sex

Feminized Seed


Sensi Seeds


High THC (20%), Low THC (10%), Mid THC (15%)

Where to Grow

, , , ,


“Hindu Kush” Feminized Cannabis Seeds – Sensi Seeds

Hindu Kush Feminized by Sensi Seeds makes growing an award-winning cannabis strain even easier.

Characteristics of the Marijuana variety

It is everything that pure indica fans could wish for. What makes Hindu Kush so popular, aside from its seductive sweet earthy scent with notes of sandalwood and pine, is its deeply relaxing effect. If you are looking to order a true classic among cannabis seeds, you have found gold.

A classic pure indica characterized by its robust nature, compact growth and short flowering period (45 to 50 days). Also suitable for beginners.

This original and pure indica comes from Hindu Kush, a remote mountainous region between Afghanistan and Pakistan. This classic strain owes a number of beneficial attributes to growers to its mountain origins.

The thick layer of trichomes protects the plant from wind and bad weather. The shiny white trichomes produce perfect hash. They can also be enjoyed pure as kief. Plants grown from feminized Hindu Kush seeds are resistant to disease and mold.

Beginners love great resilience in suboptimal growing conditions or fluctuating temperatures.

Cultivation of Hindu Kush Feminized

Hindu Kush feminized cannabis seeds produce plants with compact growth, a short flowering period (45 to 50 days) and medium yields. In the right hands, or given a longer growth phase, yields could be even higher.

Grown in a temperate climate and given a long summer, the plants reach impressive heights.

These cannabis strains produce short, strong branches with heavy buds that quickly grow larger during the flowering phase. These plants hold a lot of their energy in the central bud.

This growth pattern makes them perfect for growing methods like Sea of ​​Green (SOG) or Lollipopping.

Effect, flavor and scent of the Hindu Kush Feminized by Sensi Seeds

Hindu Kush Feminized brings a sense of deep peace, which is incredibly relaxing. Only a few consumers report the often unwanted sofa blocking effect of indica.

Expect a distinctive aroma. It is a combination of aromatic woods and classic Afghan base notes. Many other hybrids are based on Hindu Kush, but the distinctive sandalwood flavor remains unique.

There is a sweet note at the beginning of the flowering period, which, after the ripening of the buds, transforms into a savory flavor that is immediately recognizable by aficionados.

Did you know?

  • Hindu Kush Feminized is an absolute classic among cannabis strains. Did you know that Katie Melua even dedicated one of her songs to this variety? “Halfway Up The Hindu Kush” is the perfect musical accompaniment for a relaxing evening on the sofa.
  • According to “High Times” magazine, Sensi Seeds’ Hindu Kush is one of the 25 best cannabis strains of all time.

Learn more about Hindu Kush Feminized by Sensi Seeds

  • Seed type Feminized variety
  • Sativa / indica Indica
  • Flowering time Short flowering period
  • Height Compact plant
  • Yield Average yield
  • Climate zone Sunny / Mediterranean