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Lemon Hashplant v2 Regular – Bodhi Seeds


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Lemon G x 88 G13 Lemon Hashplant Regular



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Lemon Hashplant V2 Cannabis Seeds Regular – Bodhi Seeds

Lemon G x 88 G13 Lemon Hashplant

Bodhi Seeds’ Lemon Hashplant V2 Regular is a rare example of a vigorous, fast, fragrant and extraordinarily potent plant, not to mention her XXL yields of top quality buds!

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A very vigorous and performing specimen of Lemon Hashplant v2 has been used by the Annibale Genetics Team to produce plants of the caliber of “Lemon Zkittly F1” and “Lemon Skunk F1” and many more, both genetic expressions of this phenomenal US herb variety!


1 Blister Seed, 11 Seeds Pack


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