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More Cowbell Regular – Bodhi Seeds


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More Cowbell by Bodhi Seeds is a Girl scout cookies & hashplant fusion: Cookie nugs on a hashplant body!


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1 Blister Seed, 11 Seeds Pack


“More Cowbell” Regular Cannabis Seeds – Bodhi Seeds

Fusion of Hashplant and Girl Scout Cookies: Cookie trait buds on a Hashplant body!

Less plant stretching and more resin than the original Girl Scout Cookies: with sublime and penetrating aromas and flavors of figs, sweetened dates, molasses biscuits, lemon mint tea, French roast, spice cakes, temple ball, hash reduction fresh balsamic and Chewingum.

More Cowbell by Bodhi Seeds offers full bodily sensations and full heady expansiveness of the mind. This can become the late night desert in its total splendor!

Read more about More Cowbell Rehgular by Bodhi Seeds

This extraordinary variety of Marijuana seeds was used to create the wonderful “Boyscout Cookies F1“, fruit of crossing a perfect balsamic More Cowbell specimen with another special resin-laden Mountain Temple male phenotype!

More Cowbell is one of the gourmet cannabis strains that we most recommend to our more experienced customers, as its cultivation is not suitable for the less experienced!

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