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Sensi Skunk Feminized – Sensi Seeds


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Sensi Skunk Feminized by Sensi Seeds is the ultimate expression of how easy and affordable it is to grow high quality cannabis!

Additional information

Genetic Type

Hybrid, Pure Indica

Harvest Time

6-8 Weeks, 8-10 Weeks

Harvest Yield

300-400g /m2, 400-500g/ m2, 500-600g / m2

Seed Sex

Feminized Seed


Sensi Seeds


High THC (20%), Mid THC (15%)

Where to Grow

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“Sensi Skunk” Feminized Cannabis Seeds – Sensi Seeds

Sensi Skunk Feminized by Sensi Seeds is the ultimate expression of how easy and affordable it is to grow high quality cannabis. In addition to Skunk’s typical characteristics such as a short flowering period, strong shape and sizeable yield, her fans love her fresh citrus flavor.

As growing this cannabis strain is child’s play, we can highly recommend it for beginners.

Sensi Skunk feminized cannabis seeds show how easy and cheap cannabis can be. Its citrus aroma sets it apart from other skunk varieties. maintaining the strong growth form and high yields typical of Skunk.

Cultivation of Sensi Skunk Feminized


Sensi Skunk Feminized is a picture book Skunk: growth, uniform and strong, but always manageable and never too high. The relatively short flowering phase of 45 to 50 days results in a rich yield. And when it comes to low maintenance in particular, Sensi Skunk Feminized demonstrates the possibilities of hybrids.

Yes, these seeds also have a sativa part, but basically it is a plant with typical indica characteristics. The genetics experts at Sensi Seeds started hybridizing the Sensi Skunk family from a Skunk # 1 that they crossed with a sweet mother plant.

Like its relatives, these seeds thrive both indoors in artificial light and outdoors in moderate climates. The short flowering period, sturdy nature and sturdy, structured buds are all reasons this strain is so popular. It has never been easier to grow high quality Skunk plants at such an affordable price!

Growing tips

Like most indica strains, this cannabis strain is ideal for a Sea of ​​Green (SOG). Growers who like a heavy, middle cola can try the Lollipopping method.

Effect, flavor and scent of Sensi Skunk Feminized by Sensi Seeds


With large resin covered buds harvested and dried, you can expect a relaxing high. Genes indicate tired muscles and relax them like a balm for stressed minds. Lift your feet and enjoy the calming effect. It is powerful, but not too strong.

The taste of Sensi Skunk Feminized differs slightly from the typical Skunk flavor. Instead of the earthy flavor, some would say herbal, you can expect the sweet citrusy flavor that gives a variety its irresistible freshness. The citrus aroma is also evident during the flowering phase.

Did you know?


Sensi Skunk is an award-winning cannabis strain. He took second place at the 2007 Copa de la Marihuana.

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  • Seed type Feminized variety
  • Sativa / indica Indica
  • Flowering time Short flowering period
  • Height Average gain in height
  • Yield Great yield
  • Temperate / continental climatic zone