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Skunk #1 Autoflower – White Label Seeds


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Skunk # 1 Autoflowering is proof of how easy it can be to grow cannabis. Like a Swiss watch, it produces reliable harvests in record time!

Additional information

Genetic Type


Harvest Time

8-10 Weeks

Harvest Yield

400-500g/ m2

Seed Sex

Feminized Autoflowering Seed


White Label Seeds


Mid THC (15%)

Where to Grow

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“Skunk # 1” Autoflower Feminized Cannabis Seeds – White Label Seeds

Skunk #1 Autoflowering by White Label Seeds is proof of how easy it can be to grow cannabis. Like a Swiss watch, it produces reliable harvests in record time.

No wonder, as this is a new autoflowering hybrid made from one of the most popular cannabis strains in the world.

More about Skunk # 1 Autoflowering by White Label Seeds

Even outdoors, several harvests per year are possible with these autoflowering seeds. Skunk #1 Automatic is a robust and easy to grow cannabis strain that produces dense, resin-coated buds. The effect combines a heady sativa high with a relaxing indica high.

White Label Skunk # 1 Auto Cultivation

The original Skunk #1 is the gold standard for uniform, fast-growing, high-yielding cannabis strains. It forms the basis for countless modern hybrids. Developing an autoflowering version of this classic was a breeze. It comprises 35% sativa genes and 65% indica genes.

Our breeders have crossed the powerful and consistent genome of Skunk # 1 with that of a Ruderalis strain. The result: an even b.

Flowering Skunk # 1 Automatic of White Label

White Label Skunk # 1 Autoflowering cannabis seeds produce compact plants that, when in bloom, don’t grow as tall as regular Skunk # 1. These autoflowering ladies still follow skunk’s strong growth pattern with their short internodes between strong branches laden with dense, succulent flower clusters.

If Skunk #1 Auto is germinated in the spring and planted outdoors, it may even be ready to be harvested in cool regions in June. Unlike traditional plants, the yield of autoflowering seeds is much lower, although higher yields per year can be achieved when grown outdoors.

As with all cannabis strains with an autoflowering gene, buds are formed automatically. With White Label’s Skunk # 1 Automatic, this happens around the sixth week of the growing period, which is around the time the plants form the fifth or seventh set of true leaves.

When grown indoors, plants can reach full maturity in as little as seven weeks from the start of flowering. These cannabis seeds produce a harvest of dense buds covered with trichomes.

Skunk #1 Autoflowering by White Label Seeds is suitable for advanced growing and pruning techniques such as Sea of ​​Green (SOG) and Lollipopping.

Effect, flavor and scent of Skunk #1 Autoflowering by White Label Seeds

The name “Skunk” is often used as a synonym for potent cannabis. Even the autoflowering variant of Skunk #1 is certainly not light. Her sativa heritage is revealed in her potent high that combines a crystalline cerebral high with a relaxing, light-headed sensation.

The scent emanating from these plants is unmistakably skunk: sweet and pungent at the same time!

Did you know?

The different variants of Skunk #1 have been among Sensi Seeds best sellers for many years. We are proud of the many awards it has won us. In 2013, Skunk # 1 was awarded “Girl of the Year” in Spain.
Hip Hop and Cannabis go hand in hand. Have you ever noticed how many times the word “Skunk” is mentioned in rap lyrics?

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