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Super Malawi Haze Feminized – ACE Seeds


-20% di sconto sui semi in blister
-10% di sconto sul pacchetto di semi

With these new projects, Ace Seeds’ priority will be to raise the bar in Sativa Haze breeding by crossing these old elite Dutch Haze clones with elite parents of our most worked sativa strains!

Additional information

Genetic Type

Hybrid, Pure Sativa

Harvest Time

10-12 Weeks, 8-10 Weeks

Harvest Yield

400-500g/ m2, 500-600g / m2

Seed Sex

Feminized Seed


ACE Seeds


High THC (20%), Very High THC (25%)


“Super Malawi Haze” Feminized Cannabis Seeds – ACE Seeds Genetics

With Super Malawi Haze feminized we continue to explore and expand the best possible genetic combinations between several premium Haze lines and the best parent plants of the powerful Malawi sativa.

Super Malawi Haze feminized is a direct hybrid that crosses a Nevil’s Haze mother plant selected by Nevil himself in the early 90’s with our best Malawi Killer phenotypes. The result is an extremely vigorous and highly productive superhybrid of practically pure sativa genetics (90%), which produces enormous and very resinous buds, with excellent density and excellent flower / leaf ratio, which unite to form enormous floral structures that reach monumental proportions. .

The terpenes of the pure Haze A and C parents that make up Nevil’s Haze are dominant in this hybrid: sweet and floral aromas of Central American sativa, incense and woody aromas of classic Haze, with the resinous and fermented background of Malawi to add depth.

While both the feminized Super Malawi Haze and Purple Haze x Malawi offer the most cerebral, energetic and least narcotic effects within the Haze/Malawi genotypes, Purple Haze x Malawi is a true F1 hybrid and therefore is much smoother, producing a single main phenotype, with much wilder and tropical demeanor, but with Super Malawi Haze, while retaining that pure sativa personality, Ace seeds have focused more on producing a much more potent, tame and productive hybrid, more resinous, with levels higher in THC and terpenes, better adaptability to indoor cultivation and with a shorter flowering time than Purple Haze x Malawi.

However, as Super Malawi Haze is a polyhybrid, it is more variable and we can find 3 main phenotypes, with the first two being the most frequent:

  • Nevil’s Haze Pheno: Very consistent phenotype faithful to the best traits of the domesticated Haze and to the characteristic “steroid pump” of the original Nevil’s Haze mother: tall, super vigorous plants with huge yields, producing very dense and resinous flowers, of excellent flower to leaf ratio and a moderate to long flowering time. It is easy to recognize by its long reddish/orange pistils characteristic of Central American sativas and by its unmistakable sweet, floral and incense old Haze terpene profile. Flowering time: 85-90 days.
  • Malawi Pheno: This more African phenotype is also easy to recognize as it matures with the characteristic golden/silvery Malawian appearance. Her enormous vigor and amazing production of dense resinous flowers with very few leaves are comparable to the Nevil’s Haze phenotype. Oily, resinous and woody aromas typical of the most vicious Malawi Killer phenotypes. Flowering time: about 85 days.
  • Near-Pure Haze Pheno: This is the most variable and least frequent phenotype (less than 10%), with a very tall and languid tropical sativa structure, less productive and resinous, and flowering longer than the two main phenotypes previously described . This phenotype may be of great interest to those looking for the wildest Haze expressions (almost like Oldtimer’s Haze), as well as some very interesting genetic recombinations of almost pure Haze from Haze A and C males. Flowering time: 90-120 days.

With these new projects, Ace Seeds’ priority will be to raise the bar in Sativa Haze breeding by crossing these old elite Dutch Haze clones with elite parents of our most worked sativa strains.

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