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Super Skunk Auto – Nirvana


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Super Skunk Auto Feminized is a pungent, sweet, funky smelling hybrid that is easy to grow, likes to stay low and flowers in 10-11 weeks from seed to harvest. Beginner growers will find this strain to be an excellent choice as she is a highly resistant, big yielding autoflowering variety of the cup nominee Super Skunk. 

Additional information

Genetic Type

Hybrid, Pure Indica, Ruderalis

Harvest Time

10-12 Weeks, 8-10 Weeks

Harvest Yield

200-300g / m2, 300-400g /m2, 400-500g/ m2

Seed Sex

Feminized Autoflowering Seed


Nirvana Seeds


High THC (20%), Mid THC (15%)

Where to Grow

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“Super Skunk” Autoflower Feminized Cannabis Seeds – Nirvana Seeds

Super Skunk Autoflowering Feminized is a pungent, sweet and funky smelling hybrid that is easy to grow and loves to stand low and to flower in 10-11 weeks from seed to harvest. Beginner growers will find this strain an excellent choice as it is a highly resilient, high yielding autoflowering strain of the cup-nominated Super Skunk.



was created by crossing the fast flowering and highly reliable Super Skunk with an autoflowering male stallion. Its growth structure will remain low and bushy with a flowering period of up to 77 days. We were able to keep its bold, fruity, skunk flavors and solid, even characteristics.


Characteristics of the variety

This lady will grow with a short, bushy appearance, without stretching out much. With a short to medium height, Super Skunk Auto Feminized is recommended for growers who need low-profile autoflowering plants for a sunny terrace or balcony.

It has strong resilience to cold and humidity, making it a great candidate for the outdoors and all types of climates.

Thanks to her indica dominance, her internodal spacing will remain compact, meaning that when she blooms her buds will produce a main cola with short side branches. THC levels will vary between 14-18%, with potential yields of 300 – 400g / m² when grown together in a Sea of ​​Green.

During flowering, she will display majestic purple hues which make her frozen white buds even more attractive. We recommend this hybrid for beginners and anyone looking for a low maintenance strain.


By experimenting with this variety

the effects of her are very relaxing with a clear and focused mindset that is well balanced. Perfectly suited for smokers with a lower tolerance, who prefer a feel-good factor. She leans more towards the indica side and this will be experienced the longer this girl smokes.

She is a great choice for daytime use, smokers who love clarity and calm together, creative people and socially enjoyable with friends.

Super Skunk Autoflowering has a unique sweetness, with a pungent body reminiscent of the classic Super Skunk.

Its terpene profile is very rich, full of flavors and aromas that can be perceived from afar. Medical patients will find it helpful for clarity, relieving symptoms of demotivation, depression, nausea and sickness, aches and pains, increasing appetite and improving sleep.


What makes Super Skunk Auto so great

a high yielding autoflowering hybrid, extremely aromatic, low profile and easy to grow, which can be grown all year round with excellent results. You’ll soon find out why the Dutch called it Super Skunk!


Additional Information of “Super Skunk Autoflowering”


This variety is a cross between the Super Skunk x Auto variety.



An Indica-dominant strain that grows into a shorter, bushy plant with a more calming and full-bodied effect.



These seeds are guaranteed to become female plants, all plants end up producing powerful buds.



This variety can be grown both indoors and outdoors, it is generally more resistant to external factors.



The plant grows taller than other varieties, perfect for growing in a limited space.



This variety has an average yield of 300 – 400 g / m² in SOG, a moderate yield compared to other varieties.


Harvest time

The time from seed to harvest is between 10 and 11 weeks.



This plant is an autoflower and will automatically transition into the flowering phase with age, regardless of changes in the light cycle.


Difficulty of cultivation

This strain is easy to grow, tolerant and great for beginners, she can reach her full potential with basic care.