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White Widow Auto – Nirvana


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This multiple cup winning strain was the queen of the coffeeshops in Amsterdam in the 1990’s, and is the backbone behind many modern day hybrids. Caked in a snowy, white resin, this old school gem is easy to grow, remains short in height and comes with a blistering, euphoric cerebral high that is perfect for the modern day philosopher and creative type.

Additional information

Genetic Type

Hybrid, Ruderalis

Harvest Time

10-12 Weeks, 12-14 Weeks

Harvest Yield

300-400g /m2, 400-500g/ m2

Seed Sex

Feminized Autoflowering Seed


Nirvana Seeds


High THC (20%), Mid THC (15%)

Where to Grow

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“White Widow” Autoflower Feminized Cannabis Seeds – Nirvana Seeds

This multi-cup winning strain was the queen of Amsterdam coffeeshops in the 1990s and is the backbone of many modern hybrids. Encrusted with a snow-white resin, this old-school gem is easy to grow, stays low in height, and comes with a euphoric, blistering cerebral high that’s perfect for the modern philosopher and creative type.



after crossing Kerala with Manga Rose, the result is a sturdy and productive hybrid with a short, stocky appearance. Flowering time will vary between 56-70 days depending on phenotypes and will show ridiculous amounts of resin.


Characteristics of the variety

White Widow Autoflowering is a very easy strain to grow, thanks to her indica heritage this girl will stay low-key, with minimal stretch once flowering begins. A main central cola will grow, surrounded by short lateral branches.

When grown closely she can produce 450 – 550g / m², making her a great producer of super frozen buds. Commercial growers will find this strain very beneficial, as will hash makers and extract artists who produce whole plant extracts.

THC levels range from 14-18%, making her a moderately potent strain ideal for morning to night use. White Widow Autoflowering is easy to cut and produces lots of top quality sugar leaves.

Her aroma is earthy, spicy and non-aromatic like some other varieties, making her a great candidate for growers who want a good low-profile plant.


By experimenting with this variety

the effects are rejuvenating, uplifting, mentally buzzed with a euphoric touch. It’s not too bold and will leave you in a state of deep thought and focus, with a delicate physical effect. The ultimate strain to sweep away the cobwebs and get your mind working in fifth gear.

An ideal hybrid for creative individuals, musicians, artists, writers, who have fun in nature during a long walk and in social settings. A joint of White Widow Feminized with a cup of coffee in the morning is definitely a way to stimulate the mind and body, leaving you refreshed and energized for a busy day.

The flavors of White Widow Autoflowering are a mix of savory and earthy.

Rich old school flavors that were once a favorite of many Dutch smokers. Medical patients may find this hybrid helpful in improving feelings of clarity and motivation, relieving depression, increasing energy levels, increasing appetite, nausea and sickness, and improving mood.


What makes White Widow Autoflowering so great

find out for yourself why she took Amsterdam by storm and is revered as the queen of cannabis strains. Ideal for novice growers and a great strain for producing extracts.


Additional Information of “White Widow Autoflowering”


This strain is a cross between White Widow x Northern Lights Automatic.



An Indica-dominant strain that grows into a shorter, bushy plant with a more calming and full-bodied effect.



These seeds are guaranteed to become female plants, all plants end up producing powerful buds.



This variety is intended for indoor cultivation, it requires a more controlled environment.



The plant grows taller than other varieties, great when your grow space isn’t a limiting factor.



This variety has an average yield of 350 – 450 g / m² in SOG, a moderate yield compared to other varieties.


Harvest time

The time from seed to harvest is between 11 – 12 weeks, it requires a little more patience.



This plant is an autoflower and will automatically transition into the flowering phase with age, regardless of changes in the light cycle.


Difficulty of cultivation

This strain is easy to grow, tolerant and great for beginners, she can reach her full potential with basic care.